Geno Smith Is Good (As Long As The Seahawks Don’t Face A Great Defense)

Sure, even the best quarterbacks are going to struggle against the league’s best defenses. But, I would say there’s a considerable difference between Aaron Rodgers looking bad, prime Russell Wilson looking bad, and Geno Smith in the two 49ers games this year (not to mention Geno Smith against he Bucs in Germany, and Geno Smith in the second half of that Broncos game to open the season). Usually, the great ones find a way to slug out a game like last night’s 21-13 defeat to the 49ers. Geno Smith, on the other hand, reverts to the Geno Smith of old. The guy who’s prone to turning the ball over, the guy whose first read seems to be the checkdown on 3rd & long, the guy who looks like he’s never even SEEN a football, let alone played a fucking game in his life.

These are the teams you face in the playoffs. You can’t win it all without clawing past a team or two with an elite defense. And that’s my biggest argument against re-signing Geno Smith, against just handing him the keys to this team and building around him. He doesn’t have what it takes. He doesn’t have that It Factor.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons why the Seahawks lost this game. They start and end with the shitty fucking defense. Sprinkle in some harmful injuries, some devastatingly inept offensive line play, and the usual mistakes that crop up when middling teams play great ones (a D.K. Metcalf unsportsmanlike penalty here, a Travis Homer fumble there). But, at some point, you have to figure out a way to move the ball. At no point whatsoever did I have confidence that Geno Smith could move the football against that 49ers team. And, much more often than not, he proved me right.

This is for the best. This team has no business being in the post-season. They need improvements all over the defense, along the interior offensive line, and yes, they need to draft a quarterback. There are limitations to Geno Smith’s game – as fun as this Comeback Player of the Year campaign has been – and he’s absolutely NOT worth $33+ million per season. Not here, not anywhere; let some other team overpay for his services.

So, I’m back to rooting for losses again. Thankfully, the schedule has obliged. We go on the road to Kansas City next week, that should be a big loss. Then, we host the Jets, who have another defense that rivals the quality of the 49ers. There’s a way to lose that game for sure (especially since we’ve set the precedent by losing to an inferior team like the Panthers; the Jets are actually pretty good!). Then, it’s down to the Rams in the season finale; why couldn’t they figure out a way to take us down?!

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