The Seahawks Are Sputtering To The Finish

Holding the Chiefs to 24 points in Kansas City is kind of a best-case scenario for this Seahawks defense against that offense. I guess it isn’t wildly shocking when you think about it, though. It’s not like KC has anything resembling a running game. But, that hasn’t stopped other rushing-deficient teams from stampeding all over us. At some point, you just have to want to run the ball, and I don’t think the Chiefs do. And really, they don’t need to; the proof is in the pudding.

If you told me before the game that the Seahawks would hold them to 24 points, I’d say we’d go on to have a competitive contest. But, I would’ve been wrong! That’s what happens when your offensive line is young and injured and exposed. That’s what happens when a Chiefs front seven is free to tee off on us. That’s what happens when Tyler Lockett is injured, D.K. Metcalf is your only pass catching threat, and everyone else is slow or ineffective or both.

That being said, I still don’t fully understand why the Seahawks were held to 10 points in this one. All things considered, I thought D.K. had a pretty solid game in spite of the Chiefs knowing he was the only real threat. He still caught 7 for 81 and was a toe-tap away from a bigtime touchdown in the back of the endzone, when the game was still in doubt. It’s even more mind-boggling when you see that Kenneth Walker was good for 107 rushing yards on 26 carries.

But, this game was a mishmash of Seahawks mistakes from the jump. We might as well have been playing the 49ers’ defense again, with how effective they were at making Geno Smith’s life miserable. He sure didn’t help his cause in becoming some $33 million man. 25/40 for 215, 1 TD and 1 ugly INT. We didn’t actually find the endzone until the second-to-last drive of the game, and the field goal came with no time left on the clock in the first half. We were 2/14 on third down, and needed to go 3/6 on fourth down just to attempt to keep things interesting.

All in all, a pretty boring Seahawks defeat. At least we had the rest of Christmas Eve to look forward to.

Now we’re 7-8 with two home games to go, against the Jets and Rams. At least the Broncos got killed by those very same Rams. I hope we can lose out to further bolster our draft next year.

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