The Seahawks Participated In A Big Fucking Waste Of Time Over The Weekend

You know what I want more than anything? I want the ability to look at alternate universes to see the outcomes of what would’ve happened under hypothetical circumstances. There’s two schools of thought when it comes to these 2022 Seahawks making the playoffs:

  1. It was a good thing for guys to gain experience in trying to win in the playoffs, and it’ll hopefully leave a bitter taste in their mouths, making them hungrier going forward to never lose in the first round again
  2. It was a bad thing, because we could’ve had the 14th overall draft pick, and maybe those extra six spots make all the difference in finding another impact player in the draft

Obviously, we’re living in #1, and we’ll just have to see what happens going forward. But, I want to see what would’ve happened to those Seahawks that lost in Week 18 to the Rams. What happens when we have 5 and 14 in the draft? How does that change who we draft, and is that player (or players, considering we’d pick earlier in every following round) enough of an improvement to change the course of our franchise?

You also have to wonder, how does our making the playoffs affect our decision in whether or not to extend Geno Smith? Did that push him over the top? Or, was that decided many weeks ago, and it wouldn’t have mattered if we made the playoffs or not?

All I know is that I’m more annoyed now than I was last week. And I was pretty annoyed last week. Oh sure, it was fun for that second quarter, when we took a short-lived 17-16 lead into halftime against the mighty 49ers. But, what does a 41-23 defeat really net us going forward? Is that experience really going to push everyone to be better? Or are these guys professionals doing a job for money and it’s already forgotten? I tend to believe the latter.

What a stupid, miserable fucking game. I was glad to be on vacation and not super focused on the action on the field, because living and dying with every play in an 18-point blowout seems like a terrible way to spend an afternoon.

Yeah, the defense sucks. They added a new wrinkle by having our highly-touted young corners get burned on the regular. Usually I’m just bitching about our inept linebackers and our defensive line that gets pushed around, but the 49ers really blew the doors off of our secondary, as they were a nightmare all game.

Yeah, the interior of the O-Line sucks. Austin Blythe is a fucking pox on this team, and it’s LONG FUCKING OVERDUE that the Seahawks address the center position with someone who can play the fucking position.

Yeah, Geno Smith sucks on third & long and is pretty susceptible to pressure. I read something after the game about how he might be our version of Ryan Tannehill, and that feels remarkably upsetting to me.

The next 3-4 years of Seahawks football are flashing before my eyes, and I’m dreading every minute of it. You can spit numbers at me until your saliva runs out, but I’m never going to trust Geno Smith in the big moments. I’m never going to trust him to lead us to the top of the NFC. I’m never going to trust him to get us through the playoffs and into the Super Bowl. And I’m sure as shit never going to trust him to win it all.

The only way Geno Smith succeeds to that level is if he has the type of team around him that can carry us. Like the 49ers have. Like we used to have in 2012-2015. But, there’s no turning around this defense in that kind of timeframe. Even if this is the Geno Smith we get going forward, it feels like it’s going to take AT LEAST 4 years, if not double that, to turn this defense into something dominant. By which point, he’ll be long gone and we’ll have to reckon with what we should’ve done in 2023: start over with a rookie.

I’m going to be beating this drum all offseason, so buckle up, buckaroos. Of course, when the Seahawks extend Geno to a big money contract, I’ll hope like hell that I’m wrong. But, I keep seeing this 9-8 season playing out over and over and over again. This is our ceiling with Geno Smith. And I won’t believe otherwise until I see it with mine own eyes.