Unclutch Mariners Continue To Blow Winnable Games

Still waiting for these supposedly-good Mariners to start winning games in bunches.

Of course, there’s a chance the Mariners are just going to underachieve all year. The Mariners have been incredibly lucky and/or good in one-run and extra innings games over the last few years. Maybe that luck and/or goodness goes away, and we run into the Season From Hell. Maybe a team that was supposed to contend for a division title – or, at the very least, cruise into a wild card spot – will flounder to a .500 record and miss out on everything.

I don’t actually believe that, but it has to be placed on the table and acknowledged. What I believe will happen is what tends to happen: we struggle to a .500 record through the first month or two, everyone freaks the fuck out, then as the weather starts to warm up, this team starts to perform up to its full potential. The problem with that is: if we stopped sucking so much ass the first 1-2 months of the season, maybe we wouldn’t be in such a deep fucking hole and we’d actually make good on our potential to contend for the division!

Houston is only going to get healthier. We’re wasting a wonderful opportunity to take advantage. The division, I’m sad to say, is going by the wayside in a hurry.

This series sweep against the Brewers was especially inept on a lot of fronts. On Monday, Flexen got bashed around early before settling into a little bit of a groove. He gave up 4 runs in 6 innings and has looked like a guy you absolutely don’t want starting for you all year. The bullpen was wobbly from there and we lost 7-3.

The bottom four hitters went 0 for 12 with a walk by J.P. Crawford. That’s what you need to know about the offense.

We cobbled together a brief, fleeting 4-3 lead in the bottom of the third with a nice little rally, but Logan Gilbert was far from sharp; he also went 6 innings and gave up 4 runs. The bullpen was okay from there, but we didn’t have any sort of lockdown stuff in extras, giving up the ghost runners in both the 10th and 11th innings.

After the third inning, we were pathetic offensively. The bottom of the order was 1 for 14. As you might surmise, we scored a ghost runner of our own in the 10th, but never could get that big game-winning hit when we needed it. We lost 6-5.

Then, on Wednesday, we just flat out blew a game we should’ve won. Marco Gonzales was awesome through six innings, striking out 9 (tying a career high), but couldn’t get anyone out in the 7th (giving up 2 runs in the process). Brash was, once again, fucking atrocious, relieving Marco in the 7th and giving up 3 more runs. That was all it took to wipe out a 2-0 lead. We got one back in the 9th to make it 5-3, but couldn’t finish the rally.

Julio had a 2-run homer, in an otherwise nondescript start to the season. And, trusty Kelenic had an RBI single in the 9th. But, the bottom of the order (Kelenic included) went 3 for 15.

That’s 4 for 41 for the bottom 4 hitters in all three games. Can’t win at that rate. Not if you want to make the playoffs. I don’t care how mediocre the pitching has been, you can’t win games with one offensive arm tied behind your back.

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