The Kraken Let A Critical Opportunity Slip Away In Game 2

In a 7-game series, there’s a MASSIVE difference between being up 2-0 and being tied 1-1. Especially when those two games are both on the road and you’ve got three home games in which to win just two more.

So, the fact that the Kraken were up 2-0 after one period, only to lose the game 3-2, is a sizable turning point in this series.

The start of Game 2 looked a lot like Game 1! The Kraken were pressing the issue, they were aggressive in the opposing zone, and they still couldn’t buy a power play goal to save their lives, but that’s okay because they generally do very well in 5 on 5 situations, and even scored a shorthanded goal!

Justin Schultz got the scoring started, once again very early on in the game, this time with a breathtaking fast break as he crashed down the middle of the ice, receiving a gorgeous feed from Eeli Tolvanen on the edge. That was a thing of beauty! Then, on a Colorado power play, Yanni Gourde got away with the puck, dumped it into the corner, then went to retrieve it. As he made a desperation push with a couple Avalanche players on him, Brandon Tanev skated into the screen and beat the goalie on a fantastic heads-up shot.

I gotta tell ya, my confidence was sky high at this point. Grubauer was continuing to be a rock in front of the net, and it seemed like a 2-0 series lead was all but guaranteed.

I don’t know what happened in the first half of the second period, because you see, I was so confident that I decided to watch the Mandalorian season finale during the break, which of course, ate into the actual game play. All I do know is that the Avalanche scored two goals within 48 seconds of one another, and the Kraken were lucky to keep it 2-2 heading into the third period.

I’ll say this: I think the Kraken got overly conservative after that first period. Maybe it was the back-to-back goals given up that got them playing on their heels. I’ll also say that I thought the Kraken looked a step tired, and maybe the altitude was having its way with them in the back-half of their second game in Colorado.

What’s frustrating is the fact that the Kraken couldn’t win a face off to save their lives. I can only attribute that to fatigue, because if it’s a skill discrepancy, then we’re fucked and this series will be over in five games.

What also needs to change is our ability to get shots on goal during power plays. I know they don’t come up a lot in the playoffs, but you’re going to run into a couple, and you can’t be THIS inept. We’re playing up a man and it looks like it’s 5 on 5! Except, we’re actually somewhat competent in 5 on 5 situations, as opposed to power play opportunities, when we’re the fucking worst.

I can’t even shit on the goaltending, because Grubauer has been pretty phenomenal in these first two games. It kinda makes me wonder when the other shoe is going to drop, but for now I’m going into this weekend with a positive attitude, because I desperately want to believe he’s picking his game up for the playoffs.

Tomorrow is HUGE. It’s everything, really. This is the series. We’re back home, it’s our first-ever home playoff game, the fans are going to be as rabid as ever, and this team needs to wash away that collapse. I’m not even saying the Kraken can’t go 1-1 in the next two games; they can feel free to win on Saturday and lose the next one. But, if they lose on Saturday, I think that’s it. I think the Avalanche will have all the momentum, and we’ll be going back to Colorado down 3-1. At which point, the series is lost. There’s no way we’re winning 3 in a row against that team.

So, let’s get the one we’re supposed to get, and then have the chips fall where they may. Maybe we win both home games and go back there UP 3-1. Or, maybe we turn this into a Best Of 3 series. That only happens if we win right here, right now.

One thought on “The Kraken Let A Critical Opportunity Slip Away In Game 2

  1. Not Hakstol or any players were concerned about the FO percentage mid season, but they should have been because now it’s coming back to haunt them.

    In Game 2, period 1 the Avs were half asleep, in 2/3 periods the Avs played so aggressive our guys heads were spinning. If it was intentional, it was brilliant.

    Agree on the altitude.

    Since I’m commenting after game 3 I’ll just say the other shoe dropped.

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