The Mariners Won 2 of 3 Against The Cardinals

I don’t know about you all, but I’m loving the new schedule! Look at all these rando teams we get to play all season!

The M’s have been taking a backseat to the Kraken during the playoffs, which is interesting to say the least. The M’s are the ones who own Root Sports, yet we’re not seeing their games while the Kraken are playing. They’ve been shunted to Root Sports Plus, which if you’re like me – or considerably older – you probably don’t know how to find it or that it even exists. It’s either one of two things: an online-only service, that we probably have access to, since my dad has cable; or a second cable channel that’s only on the most premium of cable sports packages, which my dad does not have. On the one hand, it’s cool to watch Kraken playoff games with the home team announcing crew. On the other hand, my dad has two TVs set up in his living room, and I was kinda hoping to watch both the M’s and the Kraken at the same time.

It also, not for nothing, would’ve been cooler had the Mariners scheduled their Saturday game at 1:10pm, so we could watch both without any overlap, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve just now figured out my options for watching M’s games at home, but through the weekend, I was just following along from afar pretty much. My cheapness knows no bounds!

Also, my cheapness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it’s saving me from some frustrating television viewing experiences. Thankfully, the M’s won two of three against the Cardinals this past weekend. But, it could’ve been a sweep, and we have the carcass of Chris Flexen to thank for that.

Up first, though, we have George Kirby’s third quality start in a row, after a rough opening game. He continues to impress and looks like the second-best starter on this team. I don’t know what that’s going to mean for his season – as this team is going to need to rely on him and Castillo to keep us afloat – but as long as he can cruise through six innings on a minimum of pitches, we should be in good shape. In this one, it was 6 innings, 3 hits, 2 runs, 0 walks, 5 strikeouts, on 86 pitches. Not too shabby.

Teoscar Hernandez had a solo homer, Jarred Kelenic had RBIs in two separate at bats, and A.J. Pollock got into the mix with a 2-RBI double. 5-2 victory.

Luis Castillo really struggled through Saturday’s game, but as an ace often does, he limited the damage to 3 runs in 5 innings, before giving way to the bullpen that was able to secure the save. Kelenic had a solo homer to kick off our scoring, Hernandez had a 2-run homer to re-tie the game in the sixth, and Suarez had a 2-RBI single to give us the cushion we needed. 5-4 victory.

And then came Flexen. Another 6 runs in another 4 innings of awful work. Truly pathetic start to the season for someone who was retained for this exact reason. When you talked about the Mariners heading into the 2023 regular season, you talked first and foremost about our pitching depth. About how we had six viable starters, in particular. You might have wondered when someone like Flexen might get traded, since teams don’t need six starters; but, usually you stopped wondering because in reality, they do. Teams need at least six starters, if not more, to make it through the 162-game season. Then, we lost Robbie Ray after his first start, and everyone collectively sighed and said, “Oh yeah, this is why we kept Flexen around!”

I’ll tell you what, though, we didn’t keep him around to be a fucking disaster! He’s given up 21 runs in 21.1 innings of work! What is that?! Dude, we’re not asking you to be anything more than you’ve been the last two seasons. Just give us a sub-4 ERA and eat some fucking innings, while allowing our offense to do its thing! He looks like the pitcher who sucked with the Mets earlier in his career, not the one we brought back from overseas after figuring things out. I don’t understand how this happens to a guy who’s been around this organization with its pitching coaches, but something’s up, and it needs to get fixed in a fucking hurry.

On the plus side, Kelenic hit another homer. As of today, his slash line is .342/.395/.726 (spoiler alert, his first game in Philly last night was amazing). If you were holding out for a larger sample, I’m here to tell you it’s okay to jump on the Kelenic bandwagon at any time. It’s fun up here! We have dingers!

Next up is a road trip to Philly, Toronto, and Oakland. Will this be one of our final trips ever to Oakland? I’ll be bummed when they move to Vegas.

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