The Kraken Advanced Past Colorado In A Thrilling Game 7

To give you a little peek behind the curtain at what I do here – since I don’t like to update this blog on weekends, or write multiple posts in a day – I decided that if the Kraken lost their series to Colorado, I’d write about the rest of the Seahawks’ draft over the weekend. If they won, however, I’d be here bright and early on Monday morning celebrating more hockey in Seattle.

Well, here we are! Spoiler alert: the Kraken won!

Since I don’t write on weekends, I didn’t have to get on here and muse about the abysmal defeat at home on Friday. That was just a brutal, hapless 4-1 defeat where – even though the Kraken scored first, as they did in every single game that series – they never seemed to even be in it, let alone in any sort of driver’s seat. That was a pounding we never really experienced before. I would say even in the 6-4 defeat the previous Saturday (also at home, making our two biggest losses both in our home arena), we put up some fight. But, Friday’s game was a total dismantling on all fronts. The Avalanche were the aggressors, they dominated in faceoffs, they dominated in power plays, they dominated defensively, and they dominated on the boards. It truly looked like the Kraken thought they could just show up, vibe with the crowd, and win by doing little else.

If the Avs had that in them all along – and played that way from the onset – this series would’ve been over in 4 games.

Last night, it looked like our Cinderella season would come to an end. The entire first period looked like an extension of the previous game; the Kraken were sleepwalking through their final moments. The Avs severely out-shot us, and even though Grubauer had some nice stops in there, we were lucky not to be down 1 or 2 goals heading into the first break. One very clearly hit the top of Gru’s stick that otherwise should’ve been an easy score.

Somehow, we parlayed that scoreless first into a much-improved second period where we went up 2-0 before giving one back just before the end. Oliver Bjorkstrand had both scores – and could’ve very well had up to three more in the course of the game, with a number of opportunities slamming into the crossbar, or otherwise miraculously saved by Georgiev – and the team in general seemed to move the puck more freely into the Colorado zone. It would’ve been really nice to have a two-goal lead heading into the final period, but having any lead at all felt like a minor miracle.

The Kraken were lucky the game wasn’t tied up early in the third. The Avs did, indeed, score a goal, but it turned out to be fraudulent, as for the second time this series, one of their goals was taken off the board after a replay review showed the Avs were offsides. You know what I learned this week? That you can challenge in hockey, but if you lose, you have to play a man down as a penalty. Isn’t that great?! Don’t you kinda wish they’d do that in football?

After that gift, the Kraken really clamped down defensively, and were able to still get the puck into the opposing end of the ice with regularity to efficiently kill time. We endured the last few minutes of 6 on 5, and that was that. Stunned silence in Colorado, as the reigning champs were taken out.

There’s nothing quite like leaving a team like that wondering just how in the hell they lost that series to a team like the Kraken. I don’t think they took us seriously until it was too late, and ultimately they didn’t have enough magic to move past us. Also, I mean, when you’re so reliant on one very potent line – that has to play as many minutes as they do for you to succeed – I don’t think that bodes well for long-term success. The Avs repeating as champs seemed like the longest of long shots.

This sets us up for a series with the Dallas Stars starting tomorrow. If you’ll recall, we very nearly played the Stars in the first round, until Colorado won their division on the last day of the regular season. Dallas ended up taking out the Minnesota Wild in six games (after being down 2-1 in the series), so this figures to be a pretty tough opponent as well. I can’t wait to learn all about this new team in the coming days!

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