The Mariners Went 4-2 On That Homestand

There has been a lot of surprising things about these 2023 Mariners, most of them bad. Like their record in 1-run games. Like the slow starts from a variety of hitters (and, by contrast, the hot start of Kelenic). One thing I really didn’t see coming is the fact that the Mariners have been better at home than on the road. Especially at this point in the season, usually it’s the other way around. My instinct – whenever the Mariners are struggling – is to kick at the dirt beneath my feet and blame the home stadium, or the marine layer, or whatever the fuck it is that makes it impossible to hit well in Seattle. Yet, here we are, 4 games over .500 at home. Huh.

I also saw a stat during the game yesterday that said Ty France is hitting considerably WORSE on the road, which is shocking to me. I don’t know why ANYONE would hit better in Seattle than away from it. Yet, here we are. France sucks on the road, A.J. Pollock can’t hit lefty pitching, and Gold Glover Kolten Wong can’t field a ball to save his life. Nothing makes sense!

The Mariners just won 2 of 3 against the lowly White Sox. Similarly to the Marlins series that preceeded it, I can’t help but feel like there was an opportunity for a sweep that we let slip through our fingers.

The Mariners have been exactly .500 13 times out of 70 games. The Mariners have been +/- 1 game around .500 39 out of 70 games. I don’t know if that’s impressive. I couldn’t tell you if that’s a lot – compared to the rest of baseball – or just another number, but it really gets to the heart of this team. They’re just treading water. The more meaningful number is the 70. We’re 70 games in. We’ve got 92 to go. Time’s a-wastin’! We’re 8.5 behind the Rangers, 4 games behind the Angels, and 3 games behind the Astros. We’re also behind the entire fucking American League East!

This isn’t like last year, where there was a pretty clear path to the playoffs. It’s also not like last year in that divisions don’t swallow one another up quite as much as they used to. We always lamented having to play the Astros 19 times, but imagine how different the playoff picture might be if everyone in the A.L. East had to play one another 19 times apiece. There might be a little more leeway for a team like the Mariners to hide in the weeds and sneak into one of the last wild card spots.

That being said, .500 ain’t gonna cut it. We need a hot streak and we needed it a month ago.

In case you were wondering, this upcoming 6-game road trip is comprised exclusively of A.L. East opponents, in the Yankees and the red-hot Orioles. I … don’t see this week going well for the Mariners.

Enjoy that White Sox series while you can, in other words!

There was pretty phenomenal pitching throughout this series. Or, to put it another way, there was some atrocious hitting. We won 3-2 on Friday due to one or the other. Bryan Woo went 5.2 innings, giving up two runs. The bullpen of Brash, Munoz, and Sewald was dynamite in locking the game down from there.

The top of the lineup really carried the mail in this one. Julio, Ty, and Teoscar each had 2 hits, with Teo being the hero of the day with an early game-tying RBI double and a late go-ahead homer.

In an ideal world, the M’s would’ve won on Saturday by the same 3-2 score. Unfortunately, Sewald blew the save in the 9th, and the offense went hitless after the fifth inning. Logan Gilbert wasn’t sharp, but left himself in line for the victory. And, other than Sewald, the bullpen was as good as you’d expect. But, we were 2/14 with RISP, with 12 left on base, ensuring a 4-3 defeat in extra innings.

Not to be outdone, the offense on Sunday struck out 18 motherfucking times. A career-high (and tying a franchise-high) 16 by Lance Lynn of all people! Thankfully, Bryce Miller was on one, going 7 innings and holding the White Sox to just a single run. The offense did show up, with a 2-RBI double by Julio in the 3rd (pretty much all we were able to get off of Lynn in this one) and a 3-RBI triple by Kelenic in the 8th. With the offense as bad as they were – I think I heard we swung and missed against Lynn over 30 times in the game – it’s almost impossible that we were able to win 5-1, but there you have it. Baseball is dumb.

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