Geno Smith Is Still With The Seahawks, For Now

I wouldn’t say this is Earth-shattering news, but it was announced today that the Seahawks will be keeping Geno Smith beyond Friday’s deadline. That deadline? Keep Geno and have his 2024 base salary guaranteed (at $12.7 million), or let him go and save that amount.

So, there’s a couple things to keep in mind with this move. First, the base salary figure obviously isn’t equal to his cap hit for this season, which will be considerably higher; after all, you have the pro-rated portion of his signing bonus to factor in ($8.7 million). Second, there’s also a $9.6 million roster bonus that triggers on March 17th. All told, with a $200,000 workout bonus, we’re looking at a total cap hit of just over $31 million, if Geno Smith is still here on St. Patrick’s Day.

Clearly, if Geno Smith is still on the Seahawks at that point, he’s here to stay at least through this season. That doesn’t prevent us from looking towards the draft for his replacement, but it would be tricky to trade him after that point.

Though, I dunno, maybe not. If we eat his roster bonus, then presumably we could get more in return after it vests. But, ideally, we’d find a trade partner beforehand, and avoid that unpleasantness altogether, while still getting some semblance of a return.

I don’t have a very strong opinion on this matter. It doesn’t sound like Geno Smith is getting a ringing endorsement. I will say that my opinion will largely hinge on what we do at backup. If we’re simply going to run it back with Geno and Drew Lock, with no attempt at drafting anyone of significance (i.e. someone in the first three rounds), I think I’ll be pretty upset. Because clearly it isn’t working with this configuration, and now it kicks the can another year down the road when it comes to finding a long-term solution. On top of which, everyone in the know says that the 2025 draft class is going to be pretty meagre when it comes to the quarterback position. I guess that can always change, but I dunno. Feels like another 9-8 type of season if we keep the status quo.

But, if we end up making a big draft splash and getting a quarterback this year, then it’s a pretty solid move to keep Geno one more year, let the rookie sit until he’s ready, and then move on for 2025 (while not having to eat nearly as much in dead money).

As usual, we can’t really have a strong opinion one way or the other until we see the other moves in the works. Ain’t it always the way?

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