The Seahawks Restructured Tyler Lockett

Well, now we know what’s happening: the Seahawks are keeping Lockett around, for at least one more year.

It was announced over the weekend that the Seahawks restructured Tyler Lockett’s contract, reducing it to 2 years and $30 million, with $4 million in incentives. That was really all we knew until recently, when we got the exact breakdown. Lockett will get a base salary of just over $4.6 million. It’s an $8 million signing bonus, but with the funky math and presumably the old dead money we have to tangle with, his cap hit this year is just over $18.5 million. However, next year nothing is guaranteed and there’s only a dead cap charge of $4 million.

I don’t understand any of it.

Anyway, we get to hang onto Lockett, and we get to save a little cash, while potentially allowing him to earn his way to his previously agreed-to contract through incentives. It’s a win for everyone! Especially the team, which not only gets to play with a still very good Lockett, but also gets to save however many millions of dollars.

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