The Seahawks Signed Linebackers

With lots of big-name potential targets signing elsewhere (Bobby Wagner with the Commanders, Jordyn Brooks with the Dolphins, Patrick Queen with the Steelers), linebacker (particularly “inside” or “off-ball” linebacker) was suddenly a position of tremendous need! Heading into last week, we had three undrafted free agents on our roster at the position, the most experienced one being Special Teamer Jon Rhattigan.

So, YEAH, I’d say it was imperative for the Seahawks to start doing something here.

We’re going to find out how important inside linebackers are in this league, real damn quick. The devalued positions in the NFL are starting to make a bit of a comeback. Safety, of course, was one of our most overpaid positions of recent years. Running back still seems to be hitting a floor – though you’ll see an occasional shockingly-high contract every now and then. But, more and more, we’re seeing linebackers start to earn their keep in a bigger way.

That isn’t to say I think we NEED to be giving big bucks to these guys. I still feel like this is a position where we can save a few pennies.

Tyrel Dodson was the first of two linebackers we signed. He was, apparently, the highest-graded linebacker according to PFF last year. Last year was also the first time he’d ever started (for the Bills), after three years of being a reserve (he was also an undrafted free agent signing originally). He’s apparently great at stopping the run as well as in coverage, which is exactly what the Seahawks needed.

Then, the Seahawks went and signed Jerome Baker away from the Dolphins. 1 year, $7 million (the terms of Dodson’s contract still haven’t been released, but it’s also apparently a 1 year deal). Baker is a 6-year vet (all with Miami) who was drafted in the third round. He was also apparently a cap casualty (and effectively replaced by Jordyn Brooks) which makes me wonder who got the short end of the stick in this swap.

Baker sounds like Just A Guy. He’ll be fine. The hope is, together, both of these guys will be a drastic improvement in pass coverage compared to Wagner and Brooks, at a fraction of the cost. Regardless, they figure to be better than the nobodies we had currently on our roster.

Also regardless: linebacker is going to be a great need for us in this upcoming draft. Perfect timing for this to be a weak linebacker class!

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