What Do We Do With Another Seahawks Schedule?

Every year, I get a little less excited about the NFL and their Schedule Release Day. I will say that I think a significant part of that has to do with the Seahawks themselves. We’re staring down the barrel of another 9-ish win season. I don’t care how you shuffle the deck, a middling finish is what we’re in for. So, let’s look at it, so we can talk about it.

  • Week 1 – Denver
  • Week 2 – @ New England
  • Week 3 – Miami
  • Week 4 – @ Detroit (MNF)
  • Week 5 – N.Y. Giants
  • Week 6 – San Francisco (TNF)
  • Week 7 – @ Atlanta
  • Week 8 – Buffalo
  • Week 9 – L.A. Rams
  • Week 10 – BYE
  • Week 11 – @ San Francisco
  • Week 12 – Arizona
  • Week 13 – @ N.Y. Jets
  • Week 14 – @ Arizona
  • Week 15 – Green Bay (SNF)
  • Week 16 – Minnesota
  • Week 17 – @ Chicago (TNF)
  • Week 18 – @ L.A. Rams

As a fan of football, I think this has the potential to be a fun slate of games. The AFC East is predominantly in the zeitgeist, the NFC North is one of the up-and-coming divisions, the NFC West is obviously a killer, and the Falcons are like the story of the offseason! The only real duds in this mix are the Broncos and Giants (easily the two boringest teams of their respective divisions).

And, if you play the game-by-game … game, we have the potential for a lot of interesting opponents. Again, there are minimal duds as opponents. Not a lot of easy wins. Denver, New England, and the Giants all in the first five games is kinda cool; that should get us out to a pretty hot start (especially if we can steal one from Miami or Detroit).

There’s no real Murderer’s Row stretch, unless you look at those three opponents around our BYE week, but the Bills and Rams are at home, back to back, and the Niners will be after a week off, which is something. That being said, our 8-game stretch after the BYE week has us on the road 5 times, including 4 in the last 6 weeks.

But, we got some favors with this schedule too. We have that 3-week stretch at home (including the BYE), and we also have a home game immediately preceeding our first Thursday Night game (also at home, against the 49ers). That’s a pretty sick advantage, against an important opponent.

Is anyone else weirded out that we have TWO Thursday games? I also don’t love that our only Sunday Night game is so late in the season; that’s prime Flexing territory!

Anyway, let’s go through it real quick and make a prediction.

I’ve got the Seahawks starting 4-1, with the aforementioned wins against Denver, New England, and the Giants. I’ll also take us against the Lions, while dropping that home game to Miami.

From there, I see a 1-3 stretch, with losses to the 49ers, Bills, and Rams (all at home), while barely eking one out down in Atlanta. That puts us at 5-4 heading into the BYE week.

I’ve got us going 2-2 in the next four games, with losses to the 49ers (on the road) and Cardinals (at home), followed by wins at the Jets and Cardinals to bring us back to 7-6.

Then, it’s another 2-2 stretch, with wins at home over the Packers and Vikings, and losses on the road to the Bears and Rams. 9-8, as it was meant to be.

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