The Mariners Are Cursed With Julio Rodriguez: Mediocre Superstar

You know what I’m sick of? Hearing about how “Julio is going to be fine.” I’m sick of people wondering about what he’s feeling. I’m sick of excuses like “he’s finding other ways to help the team.”

And I’m REAL fucking sick and tired of Julio having 2 fucking homers and slugging .306 on May fucking 25th of a God damn fucking Major League Baseball season.

Nice guy? I don’t give a shit! Good father? Fuck you, go home and play with your kids!

We’re not paying Julio over $200 million guaranteed to be a slap-hitting singles hitter batting 6th in the order who has the 9th-most strikeouts in baseball! Of course the Mariners would be cursed with this kind of “superstar”.

Do you know why the “he’ll be fine” argument doesn’t hold any water with me? Because it doesn’t make a fucking difference to me when he’s sucking dick for two straight months! One month of stud-level play per season isn’t part of the deal! And I don’t give a shit how much pressure this is for a young player. If you can’t handle the pressure, then don’t sign up to be this team’s franchise player! Go fucking pick blueberries on a farm in Montana if you don’t want the pressure. As far as Major League cities go, I would say Seattle is a pretty fucking forgiving one. Imagine what Yankees fans or Red Sox fans would be saying if they got this from Aaron Judge or whoever the fuck Boston has. They’d be FUCKING OUTRAGED! But, in Seattle, we’re worried about Julio’s fucking well-being.

Fuck that! Do better you piece of shit! Figure it the fuck out and let’s start winning some fucking baseball games! God fucking damn.

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