What Is The Best Case Scenario For The 2024 Seahawks?

I’m on record as not being very excited about this year’s Seahawks team. I don’t think they’ll be bad, but they’re also probably not much better than 9-8 or 10-7. But, what’s the ceiling for this team? What happens if the defensive line dominates like we think it can? What happens if the offense takes to Ryan Grubb’s scheme like gangbusters? What’s the absolute peak for this team?

I’ll be honest, it’s hard for me to really give this thought experiment my all, because I truly don’t believe in it. I don’t think it’s crazy for this team to be better than people expect. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility for the Seahawks to fly under the radar a little bit, and squeak into the playoffs. But, I just can’t envision a scenario where this team is a bona fide Super Bowl contender.

There are too many factors going against us. The new coaching staff, first and foremost. When have we ever seen a team revamp their entire coaching staff and immediately make a championship run? It’s always, you know, building a foundation, building a culture, and in maybe 2-4 years finding yourself in the big game.

Then, if you just go through this roster, there’s lots of nits to pick. At the top, you’ve got the offensive line. It might be cripplingly bad. Or, it might be what it was last year, when it prevented this team from doing much of anything other than a quick passing attack and hoping Kenneth Walker busted some big runs. Regardless, it won’t be a strength, and that limits you tremendously.

Who are the linebackers, and are they going to be worth a damn? Are they going to fill holes, stop the run, and limit the intermediate passing attack? How good is this secondary, really? And, of course, we’re perfectly mediocre at quarterback, the most important position on the field.

But, really, the most damning thing is this team’s lack of studs. Maybe you like the wide receivers and running backs, but those guys are entirely dependent upon the quarterback and offensive line. Who are the studs on defense? You hope Byron Murphy is, but he’s a rookie. Leonard Williams is a solid DT, but he’s not a game-wrecker. Boye Mafe and Uchenna Nwosu are fine outside linebackers, but they’re not the best of the best. Devon Witherspoon is exciting, but he’s also like the tiniest man on the team.

Now, look at San Francisco. Look at Detroit. Look at Dallas and Philly and the Packers and even the Rams. Do the Seahawks have the studs that those teams have? No way. Not even close.

If we’re looking at best case scenario, I still think we’re talking about maybe an 11-win team. That’s not nothing, of course. That would’ve tied for the fourth-best record in the NFC last year with the Eagles, one game behind the Niners.

Best case, I think the Seahawks split with the Rams and 49ers, while sweeping the Cardinals. That’s a respectable 4-2 record in the division, that MIGHT be good enough to nail some tiebreakers. I think you have to hope two of the other losses come against the AFC, just to give yourself a fighting chance with conference tiebreakers; I’m looking at losing two of three to the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets. That gives you one other conference loss to play around with, be it the Lions, Packers, Bears, or Falcons. Everyone else – the Broncos, Patriots, Giants, and Vikings – you should be expected to beat.

Can the Seahawks do that? Can they go 4-2 in the division, lose 2 to the AFC, and go 3-1 against the other middling NFC teams, all while winning the games you’re supposed to win? In a vacuum, that seems reasonable.

And if it does happen, there’s no bigger indictment of the last 8 or so years of the Pete Carroll regime. And especially the last two years. Because they would have done that with largely the same roster.

Seems like a tall order, though. What’s impossible is anything BETTER than 11-6. Conceivably, I could see that winning a division, if the 49ers fall back to Earth a little bit. But, it’s almost assuredly a 3 or 4 seed, which is nothing at all. Certainly not good enough to make a deep playoff run.

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