Venoy Overton: Life In The Pimp Game

Originally Published:  June 17, 2011

It’s like that chicken or the egg thing; which came first:  the pimp or the ho?

It’s hard out here for Venoy Overton …

Few things are more controversial than the world’s oldest profession.  Some find it a noble enterprise that should be legalized throughout the entire country; after all, women secure enough with their sexualities should be able to profit off of their God-given abilities (much like a painter, a pianist, or a rapper).  Others (though, I’d bet not quite the vast super-majority people think exists) find hooking repulsive, for any number of reasons.

The religious feel that it’s morally wrong and the people who practice it will burn in Hell.  Certain men (and, I suppose, women too) feel it’s pathetic, and that any man who has to pay to get what should rightly be gotten for free is subhuman.  And then, of course, there are those who feel prostitution is nothing more than the exploitation of women.

You’re not going to argue with the religious nuts, because they believe what they believe and nothing you or I say will affect that.  And, to be quite honest, I can understand why people would think seeking out the comfort of a prostitute is pathetic (though, to be fair, some guys just weren’t blessed with the social skills to make it in this world).

However, it’s the third argument where I think I can make some headway.

There’s a difference between run-of-the-mill prostitution and Human Trafficking.  First of all, anyone who’s out there pimping out underage girls deserves to have their nuts chopped off.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  But, forget the underage part; anyone who’s out there pimping out girls of ANY age who he’d either purchased or kidnapped from another country (or even from this country) and forced into being a sex slave needs to be put to sleep permanently.

But, let us make no mistake:  until I hear otherwise, then I feel it’s safe to say what Overton may have done is in no way the same thing as Human Trafficking.  The article words it as “promoting prostitution”, I guess because there’s no such thing as being arrested for felony pimpage.

Everything about this brings me to question the will of the pro.  If you’re forcing someone to have sex for money against her will, obviously that’s wrong.  That’s why, I would think, if you’re going to do that, you’re going to keep the girl locked up and bring the Johns to her instead of the other way around.  SURELY, if she were this innocent flower you were tricking out to make some money on the side, you wouldn’t leave her alone on the side of a busy highway!

Which leads me to believe she’s just as culpable in this whole thing.

Hey, gold-diggers, you’re doing it wrong!  You’re supposed to wait until he’s got some money and THEN you’re supposed to blackmail him into paying for your boob jobs!  Getting the guy in trouble before he’s even stepped foot into the Euro-League is simply untoward!

Look, is he guilty?  I dunno, probably.  It certainly doesn’t look good.  It LOOKS like she was out being a ho, got caught, and dimed out her man to avoid serious jail time.  That doesn’t make Overton any less guilty (if it’s true), but it’s just unfortunate I guess.

It’s a shitty world out there.  Right or wrong, pimps DO provide a service.  Some protection, some regulation of things.  A freelance prostitute who’s probably not that attractive, not that educated … let’s just say she’s not going to attract the same kind of high-class clientele as an Ashley Dupre.  They don’t get to charge thousands of dollars for an evening; they’re lucky to make a few hundred.  The pimp is going to manage her shit, make sure she doesn’t get cheated out of her money, and make sure the John doesn’t get too violent with her face.

I don’t know how to wrap this up, really, so I’m just going to end with my final thoughts on the matter.  I’m not disappointed in Venoy (like, I’m sure, a lot of writers will be expounding upon in the coming days); I’m not embarrassed for the University of Washington (because, again, this will be forgotten in no time); I’m not going to hang Venoy out to dry like I’m sure a lot of his former fans will (I still believe in a thing called Innocent Until Proven Guilty); and I don’t really see anything all that wrong with the crime as it’s been explained to me thus far.

Prostitution should be legal.  If it were legal and regulated, you wouldn’t have pimps out there taking a cut and muddying things up.  Same thing with marijuana; if you legalize it, you can regulate it, make money off of it, and there wouldn’t be any use for dealers (except, I guess, to deal all those harder drugs that will surely continue to be illegal).

But, I digress.  I still like Venoy, I still root for the guy.  I hope he makes it out of this okay and gets to play basketball professionally before his legs give out and he’s forced to return home to finish the rest of his life as just another guy.  Hopefully, by that point, he’ll have figured his shit out and won’t end up hustlin’ on the streets for an illicit buck.  Because, as this past year has shown, he’s not very good at avoiding the attention of the police.  Maybe a life of crime is NOT the way to go.

Or, MAYBE he needs to associate himself with women who can keep their mouths shut (there’s a pun in there if you look hard enough … over and out).

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