The Seahawks Made Even More Trades & Drafted Even More Guys On Day 3 Of The NFL Draft 2019

Check out my post on Day 1, and my post on Day 2.

Just like I did yesterday, here’s a recap of all the wheeling and dealing from Day 3:

  • Trade from 114 to 120 with the Vikings, acquired 204 (sixth round)
  • Draft Gary Jennings, wide receiver from West Virginia, at 120
  • Draft Phil Haynes, guard from Wake Forest, at 124
  • Draft Ugo Amadi, defensive back from Oregon, at 132
  • Draft Ben Burr-Kirven, linebacker from Washington, at 142
  • Draft Travis Homer, running back from Miami, at 204
  • Draft Demarcus Christmas, defensive tackle from Florida State, at 209
  • Trade 2020 sixth round pick to Jaguars, acquired 236 (seventh round)
  • Draft John Ursua, wide receiver from Hawaii, at 236

So, for shits n’ giggs, here’s the entire Seahawks 2019 NFL Draft, in one bullet-pointed list:

  • First Round: L.J. Collier, DE
  • Second Round: Marquise Blair, S
  • Second Round: D.K. Metcalf, WR
  • Third Round: Cody Barton, LB
  • Fourth Round: Gary Jennings, WR
  • Fourth Round: Phil Haynes, G
  • Fourth Round: Ugo Amadi, DB
  • Fifth Round: Ben Burr-Kirven, LB
  • Sixth Round: Travis Homer, RB
  • Sixth Round: Demarcus Christmas, DT
  • Seventh Round: John Ursua, WR

I’m not gonna bother with the undrafted free agents, because the bottom of the roster is always so fluid, it would take more work than I’m willing to commit to keep track.

All in all, pretty good haul. Let’s talk about the Day 3 Dandies.

It’s hard to tell where Jennings fits. With Doug Baldwin all but retired at this point, we know that Tyler Lockett has the build and ability to play anywhere on the field. He can be our slot guy, he can be our deep threat on the outside, he can really do it all. Metcalf is our burner and our big body for deep passes and red zone targets. Jennings has good size (6’1, 214, 33″ arms) and speed (4.42 40). It seems like he’s another guy like Lockett who could play either slot or outside. Since he doesn’t appear to be as unique as someone like Metcalf, he’s probably going to have to separate himself with crisp route running and good hands. Regardless, he’s another receiver to throw on the pile, and as usual the Seahawks are playing the numbers game in trying to replace Baldwin’s hefty production.

Dude, I’m not gonna lie to you, I REALLY like the Haynes pick. While I like the guards the Seahawks have now, the starters are old and injury prone, and the backups – while good – are also injury prone. Haynes is a rock, who played a ton in college. He’s also super athletic, and super BIG (6’3, 322, 33.5″ arms); he’s everything we want and need at a guard spot, and it looks like he could backup either right or left. The best part of this pick is that he probably shouldn’t have to play, so if we do see him as a rookie, either we’re dealing with a TON of injuries ahead of him, or he’s earned the look with his quality play. Figure he fights for a starting spot in 2020 when Iupati moves on.

Amadi was a safety at Oregon, but also has a lot of experience playing corner as well. With all the safeties we have on roster, I can’t imagine he’ll get any play there, but with Justin Coleman moving on, there’s a clear opening at nickel corner. At 5’9, he’s not the typical outside corner you’d expect in a Seahawks defense. But, he is what we’ve seen at nickel. With only Akeem King ahead of him on the nickel corner depth chart, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amadi starting before too long. Failing that, he’s another special teamer to throw onto the pile.

I was happy to see BBK get picked by the Seahawks. As a rookie, it’s hard to see him as anything more than a special teamer. But, if he develops, we could be looking at K.J. Wright’s replacement when his knees finally give out. He obviously isn’t the physical freak that Wright is, but BBK has the sideline-to-sideline speed and tenacity you love to see out of a coverage linebacker. Considering we have Bobby, Wright, and Kendricks all starting, along with Barton getting selected in the third round, you have to wonder what this means for the future of Shaquem Griffin. I think his days are numbered. I also think Quem should bulk up and try out for the LEO end spot. He’s gonna need a big spike in his productivity in training camp and pre-season to keep his spot on the team, that’s for sure.

Travis Homer looks like a true Seahawks running back. Dude is fast, decisive, and breaking tackles like a mofo! He looks like more than your typical 3rd Down Back, but it also looks like he has those abilities in him. He’ll need to catch the ball and block well to carve out a regular role on this team; but as it stands now it seems like a lock for Homer to take C.J. Prosise’s spot, which is fine by me.

I wanted the Seahawks to wait until later in the draft to pick up a run-stuffing D-Tackle, and by jove they did it! Christmas is 6’3, 294, so he’s not HUGE huge, but he’s big enough. Considering what we were able to get out of Poona Ford as an undrafted rookie, I would expect similar things out of Christmas. It’d be nice to have both of them, with Jarran Reed, on the inside holding it down. Christmas doesn’t need to be a pass rusher in the slightest for me to enjoy this pick, just as long as he clogs up those rushing lanes.

The shock of the final day of the draft was seeing the Seahawks trade into the 7th round. They did this by giving away a 2020 6th rounder, which smacks of the Seahawks not having any respect for their 6th round picks (see: the Brett Hundley disaster), but you can also see why it needed to be done. With Baldwin as good as gone, there’s a need to throw extra resources into the wide receiver position. At the same time, the Seahawks already used two picks on WR, so the odds of attracting a high-end undrafted free agent like John Ursua was going to be next-to-impossible. He said that a bunch of teams were looking to sign him, and I bet the odds of the Seahawks being the winner in that sweepstakes was pretty remote. They felt the same way, obviously, so they did what they had to do. Ursua is the definition of a slot receiver. His making the team will depend on how soon he can get in a groove with Wilson, so we’ll see.

All in all, the Seahawks checked off all the boxes they needed to, except maybe backup quarterback, but that’s obviously something that can wait. I’m pretty happy with how they went about it. It sounds like the Seahawks REALLY dominated the rest of the league when it came to getting excellent value in their trade-backs, while not giving up the farm on their trade-ups. Heading into this draft with 4 selections, and coming away with 11 new players, plus an extra 2nd rounder in 2020 (plus being smart with free agency and looking to bank 4 extra comp picks), I’m telling you this is A.P. general managing at its finest. We won’t know for a while if these players pan out, but as far as execution goes, I give this draft an A+.

The Seahawks Made Some More Trades & Drafted More Guys On Day 2 Of The NFL Draft 2019

You can take a look at my Day 1 Recap to see where we left off heading into Friday. Now, let’s see if I can recap all the wheeling and dealing that happened last night:

  • Trade from 37 to 47 with the Panthers, acquired 77 (third round)
  • Draft Marquise Blair, safety from Utah, at 47
  • Trade from 77 to 64 with the Patriots, gave up 118 (fourth round)
  • Draft D.K. Metcalf, wide receiver from Ole Miss, at 64
  • It was reported Doug Baldwin might have played his last game in the NFL (not a trade or a draft pick, but still shocking news)
  • Trade from 92 to 88 with the Vikings, gave up 159 (fifth round), acquired 209 (sixth round)
  • Draft Cody Barton, linebacker from Utah, at 88

And, for good measure, here’s what awaits on Day 3:

  • #114 – Fourth Round (from GB, trade down from 21)
  • #124 – Fourth Round
  • #132 – Fourth Round (from NYG, trade down from 30)
  • #142 – Fifth Round (from NYG, trade down from 30)
  • #209 – Sixth Round (from MIN, trade up from 92)

So, that’s four guys drafted so far, with five more possibly to go.

Starting with Marquise Blair, I’ll say that I like the fact that we got a safety. We need to shore up that spot in a big way, and this guy looks like he’ll be in the mix to compete right away. He’s fast, he’s physical, he can play both free and strong safety (looks like the team will start him out at strong safety and see where he goes from there). He might be a little bit of a liability in coverage (hence starting him in the Kam spot), but we’ll see if that can be coached or schemed up. What’s going to HAVE to be coached up is his line-crossing on the field. He was known as a bit of a loose cannon in college, frequently getting ejected for targeting. The Seahawks are renown for teaching defenders how to tackle the right way; I just hope Blair’s style isn’t too ingrained in him. The last thing this defense needs is drives being extended because of personal foul penalties.

The great unknown – and the greatest risk about this pick – is Blair’s ability to stay healthy. He was frequently injured in college. For such a hard, physical player, he’s pretty slight in build. It wouldn’t shock me in the least to see his professional growth stunted due to an injury-plagued rookie campaign. Other than that, though, he looks like he could be a consummate Seahawk.

Next up, we’ve got D.K. Metcalf. He was chosen just before the Doug Baldwin news broke on Twitter, but that’s beside the point, because the Seahawks were going to take a wide receiver regardless. Also, not for nothing, but Metcalf and Baldwin could NOT be more different. Metcalf is a little over 6’3. He’s built like fucking Thor. And, really, he does one thing and does it well: run straight down the field FAST. Which, really, is all I was hoping for anyway. Give me a guy who runs fast, who jumps high, and who can catch the ball in traffic. If he can do that, you can play Lockett opposite, or even in the slot, and have him be more of a possession-type receiver.

Regardless, Metcalf will never be Baldwin. He wins off the line of scrimmage by punishing opponents, or blowing past them; he won’t juke too many guys. He’ll need to take advantage of his straight-line speed to hopefully earn a pre-snap cushion, then catch balls on a fly or with a guy all over him. Just as long as he’s not a drop factory, I think he’ll carve out a nice role on this team. Plus, odds are the Seahawks also pick up another WR or two on day 3 (or among the undrafted), so be on the lookout.

Metcalf is another guy with serious injury issues out of college. You hate to see it. Considering how stiff he is, I feel like the last thing this team should do is force him to play special teams. I know that’s ridiculous though, because that’s what you bring rookies in here to do. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine he’ll be very good at them, and it’s only a matter of time before he injures something trying to tackle a guy.

Finally, Cody Barton is that special teams linebacker I told you the Seahawks would covet. Sounds like he’s pretty fast, is a good tackler, and can play all three linebacker spots. Considering our starting crop are all getting up there, and very well could see time on the shelf with nagging injuries, Barton is a necessity in what was already a VERY strong linebacker room. Even if he’s just a special teamer as a rookie, I like the pick. We need all the help we can get in our coverage units. And, should he take over for K.J. Wright next year, all the better.

I’ll have more on Doug Baldwin and his future when things become more clear. But, it’s a huge blow on what’s otherwise been a fun couple of days.