Quinton Dunbar Is Probably Fucked, Right?

I never did follow up on this psychotic freak-out, because not long after initial reports of Dunbar’s alleged involvement in armed robbing a houseparty of items that may or may not have been stolen from Dunbar and his alleged accomplice (that guy from the Giants whose name I can’t remember because who cares?) – what’s otherwise known as an O.J. Simpson Special (not THAT O.J. Simpson Special, or THAT one either) – we happened upon reports that Dunbar’s attorney acquired written affidavits from people at that party, who were either witnesses alleging Dunbar had nothing to do with it, or were the alleged victims themselves recanting their original statements to authorities.

It all seemed shady as fuck – and I think a lot of reasonable people immediately had visions of bribes and accompanying lies, orchestrated by the perpetrators or their highly-paid attorneys in an attempt to free them up for the upcoming football season (and future prosperous paydays therein) – but as a Seahawks fan, what, am I NOT going to be cool with it? I get my guy back – a guy this defense DESPERATELY needs, as it continues to ignore the very glaring pass rush problem, which puts the onus even more on the secondary to pick up the slack – and no one REALLY got hurt, so what does it matter? BOYS WILL BE BOYS AND WHATNOT!

Now, word is coming out that – indeed – there probably were payouts orchestrated by Dunbar’s attorney, who has withdrawn from the case (along with the other attorney who hopped aboard in recent weeks to help bolster their defense), as prosecutors opted to not just let boys be boys or whatever and dismiss the case like we’d all hoped.

This is a bad sign, right? I’m thinking this is a bad sign.

The excuse is that Dunbar is really the victim here, and people are extorting him, but come on. Don’t shit a shitter! There are better ways to extort money from millionaires than making up a “fake robbery” and going to all this trouble. What’s that Occam’s Razor thing? The first cut is always the deepest? Something like that, you get what I’m talking about.

The good news is, Dunbar’s new attorneys appear to at least somewhat have their shit together. According to the Seattle Times article I read this morning – from the actual newspaper, as I’m not a savage! – they recently got another NFL player’s brother off on a murder charge, so that’s promising. This isn’t anywhere CLOSE to murder! So, Dunbar’s definitely going free, right?!

I was really, REALLY hoping all of this was behind us. I mean, we have enough to worry about; there might not be an NFL season at all this year! Now they’re throwing this wrench back into the mix; it’s more than I need right now, is all I’m saying. I see why reports are ramping back up about the Seahawks being interested in Jamal Adams. You have to figure they know more than we do right now, and what they know is that Dunbar might not be playing football this fall regardless of whether or not everyone else is.

So, fingers crossed, I guess? I would imagine – whatever comes to pass – Dunbar almost certainly won’t be offered a contract extension beyond the 2020 season. Seems like too big of a risk, compared to someone like Shaquill Griffin, who will also be looking for an extension (and who has been a fucking saint, by comparison, in his time in the NFL).

I Don’t See Why The Seahawks Should Break The Bank For Jamal Adams

This is what happens when there’s no baseball: I feel compelled to write about every nonsense rumor that pops up on the Internet. Get your shit together, MLB!

Jamal Adams is a really good Safety for the New York Jets. I mean, I guess. I’ll take your word for it. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him play, I don’t know if he’s a free safety or a strong safety (I’m, like, 85% positive he IS a safety, though), and even though I just looked at an article about him (with pictures) I don’t even think I could tell you the number he wears!

I would venture to say – based on what everyone is saying about him, and the fact that he’s holding out for more money/demanding a trade to get that money – that he’s one of the best safeties in football. So, yeah, in that sense, WHY NOT?! I’m a Seahawks fan, why wouldn’t I want all the best players to be on my team?

Well, because in the NFL, you don’t have unlimited resources. You’ve got to find a way to fit this new contract in your salary cap without it costing you some of your other best players, and you’ve got to trade a king’s ransom of draft picks just to get him here! The Seahawks have been willing to do that a number of times over the years and even the best-case scenario (being Duane Brown) still set us back pretty severely in how much we had to give up to get him here. At least with Brown, it filled a very specific and dire need; with Percy Harvin and Jimmy Graham, they were luxuries this team didn’t need and didn’t even know how to use properly (or could manage to keep healthy). I would argue Adams falls more in the latter camp.

The Seahawks’ secondary is fine. It’s not the Legion of Boom, but it’s good enough. It’s not a liability. Everyone is super down on Bradley McDougald for some reason, as if he’s been a huge liability and not the best, most-consistent player in our secondary since Earl Thomas went down. Paired with Quandre Diggs, I think they give you about 90% of what the L.O.B. safeties gave us in their heyday, which is fine by me.

Also, not for nothing, but Marquise Blair was a second round draft pick last year. Everyone who knows anything about the NFL knows the best way to build your team is through the draft. And yet, everyone seems to forget that whenever one of these hotshots hits the free agency/trade market. Why are we taking Blair so high if we’re not grooming him to be our Safety Of The Future? At some point, you have to trust in your process and not go after every huge name that becomes available!

Duane Brown made sense because we really didn’t have any highly-rated prospects coming up the pipeline at left tackle. Jamal Adams doesn’t make sense, with how our roster is constructed at the moment. If he’d become available this time last year, I’d suggest you’re onto something. But, we have Quandre Diggs, who I like a lot, as well as two competent other safeties and three pretty solid cornerbacks. The secondary is set! Stop worrying about the secondary!

And stop trying to throw away all of our high future draft picks! We need those guys too! A lot more than we need to incrementally improve at safety.

Also, 33. Jamal Adams’ jersey number is 33. I had to look it up, but I couldn’t let this thing end without figuring that out. Also, I guess he’s primarily a strong safety, but can play both? Or really anywhere? I dunno, and I don’t much care. Just don’t join another team in the NFC West and I’ll be relatively happy.