Projecting The 2013 Seattle Seahawks’ 53-Man Roster

Some guys dig on mock-drafts and look to pump them out on a monthly basis whether there’s any new information or not … and some of us like to do mock-rosters because it’s the baseball season and there’s nothing else to write about.

More or less, this is your average NFL 53-man roster:

9 Offensive Linemen
6 Wide Receivers
3 Tight Ends
2 Quarterbacks
4 Running Backs

9 Defensive linemen
7 Linebackers
10 Corners & Safeties

1 Punter
1 Kicker
1 Long Snapper

24 offense, 26 defense, 3 special teams.  You substitute a player here and there depending on special teams coverage needs, but that’s ultimately what you end up with.

So, with this template in mind, why not look at the Seadderall Seahawks and see where things plug in?

Offensive Line

Right now, we’ve got three starters locked in:  our tackles and our center, Okung, Giacomini, and Unger.  For the guards, take your pick of two among the following four:  McQuistan, Carpenter, Sweezy, Moffitt.  All seven of those players are pretty much locks to make the team, which leaves two more offensive line spots.

McQuistan can also play tackle, so that gives you some flexibility.  Jeanpierre, I believe, has some experience as a center, so he might be good to go as one of those final linemen.  I don’t know enough about the linemen to make a very educated guess on the last guy, so let’s just say Mike Person is someone and leave it at that.  Stick the rookies on the practice squad and call it a day.


This is Russell Wilson and Brady Quinn.  Almost certainly.  Portis just got shit-canned for being an idiot, which leaves Jerrod Johnson who has never played a down of NFL football.  I’m going to go out on a huge limb and say Brady Quinn’s job is secure, with no chance of this team keeping a third QB.  Johnson would have to blow everyone away in Training Camp to make the leap, and I’m just not buying it.

Tight Ends

Unless injury strikes, this one’s pretty easy too.  You’ve got your starter, Zach Miller.  You’ve got your blocking tight end/backup, Anthony McCoy.  And you’ve got your pass-catching tight end/backup, Luke Willson.  There, there’s your first rookie to make the team.  Coaches seem high on him, even though he did next-to-nothing in college.

Running Backs

Here’s where I’m going to deviate from the norm just a bit.  I think this team keeps five running backs.  Lynch, Turbin and Michael are all locks (there’s rookie #2).  I don’t think this team can afford to give up Michael Robinson, who is not only the starting fullback but also a standout on special teams.  And, I think the team hangs onto Ware (rookie #3) and grooms him to be a fullback replacement for next year.  For the record, I think Ware and possibly Michael regularly ride the pine on gamedays as inactives.

Wide Receivers

To make up some room for our extra running back, I think this team keeps only five receivers (Rice, Tate, Harvin, Baldwin, & Harper).  That decision is made easier depending on how well guys like Baldwin and rookie Chris Harper (rookie #4) take to special teams.  Jermaine Kearse will be a tough guy to leave off, but I just don’t see how this team can afford a sixth receiver with all the talent we’ve got on defense.

Defensive Line

With Scruggs on IR, Irvin suspended for four games, and Clemons on the PUP list, the defensive line became a whole lot easier to figure out.  You’ve got your starting ends:  Bryant and Avril.  You’ve got Mebane and whoever starts opposite of him at the other tackle position.  Bennett is another lock to make this team as a guy you can slide either inside or outside, so that brings us to four.  I think both rookies Hill and Williams make the team and fight for starting minutes (rookies #5 & #6).  I think free agent McDaniel cracks the squad along with veteran McDonald (played a lot last year in backing up Mebane) and young guy Jaye Howard.  That gives us 9.

Of course, you have to anticipate Irvin and Clemons returning, so some tough decisions will be waiting after the first month of the season.  By that point, you gotta figure there will be an injured guy or two who can slide right onto the IR without being missed.  We’ll see.


Wagner & Wright are your locks.  Malcolm Smith is looking strong to be the third starter.  Instead of the traditional seven, I think this team has to scrimp here and only keep six.  Undrafted free agent Lotulelei (rookie #7) looks like a strong bet to make the team.  Special teams standout Heath Farwell should be a keeper for all he does in that realm.  And, if I had to guess, I’d say the last guy on the team will be Mike Morgan.  The Seahawks have already waived Korey Toomer once before; I can see them doing it again.  Allen Bradford doesn’t strike me as a guy you just HAVE to have (and, let’s face it, good teams tend to drop good players when they make their final cuts).


Earl and Kam are your guys here.  Since this team only has five safeties on its roster, and since I’ve only heard of four of these guys, I think it’s pretty obvious who the backups will be.  Winston Guy got some valuable experience last year and is as much of a lock as can be.  Jeron Johnson is the other, and he’s proven to be a solid contributor as well.


Sherman & Browner are your guys here.  Consider Winfield to be a lock as your nickel corner.  I like Jeremy Lane, Walter Thurmond (if he can stay healthy) and rookie Tharold Simon (rookie #8) to be solid backups.  That already brings us to six, but for the life of me, I can’t see this team throwing Byron Maxwell away.  He’s been on the team for too long and you know if he goes somewhere else he’ll be competing for starting minutes.  I think the team finds a roster spot for Maxwell and keeps a total of 7 corners.

The Rest

That brings us to 50, with Hauschka, Ryan, and long snapper Clint Gresham as your final guys.

I’m sure as I continue following the goings on in this pre-season portion of the season, this roster will change quite a bit.  But for now, this is my opening statement on what the roster will be.  Let’s see how much it resembles the ACTUAL 53-man roster come opening day.

I will say, as one caveat, that I haven’t accounted for injuries (except for the ones that already happened).  I’m sure a major reason why my roster now will differ from the real 53-man roster in September will have most-everything to do with injuries, and how that trickles down when considering need vs. want at all the positions.

Seattle Sports Hell NFL Power Rankings, Vol. 11

How fucked are the Seahawks without Sherman & Browner?

That’s a question on everyone’s minds this week as the Seahawks face a do-or-die matchup with the Bears in Chicago.  Make no mistake, this game this week IS do-or-die, thanks to the utter choke-job down in Miami.  Maybe they were caught looking ahead to a more-impressive opponent?  We’ll see.  If they start out as stagnant on offense, and if they finish as lamely as they did last week, it’ll be hard to use that as an excuse.

For the time being, Sherman & Browner are playing.  But, for how long?  Because there isn’t a sliver of a doubt in my mind that both will be found guilty and both will face their 4-game suspensions at some point.  Whether they’re guilty or not, whether it was a simple misunderstanding or not, whether they intentionally tried to cheat the system with performance-enhancing drugs or not, they will be found guilty.  Because that’s how it works with these things.  The League has all the power and leverage; all Sherman & Browner have are their stories and their alibis.  Excuses for possible momentary lapses in judgment; if you choose to believe them.

Everyone has a story for why their piss came back tainted.  Of course, there are reasons to believe them and reasons to not.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that a professional athlete was careless with what he put into his body.  We’re not exactly dealing with a bunch of Einsteins here.  Then again, on the flipside, you’d have to think a guy who is in peak physical condition, whose job is to be one of the best in the world at what he does – professional athlete – if he is going to know ANYTHING, it would be what he puts into his body.

But, maybe I’m off base, on both accounts.  I don’t want to get in the habit of generalizing these guys as “Dumb Jocks”.  I likewise don’t want to assume they’re out there counting calories and controlling their portions and all that.  Maybe they thought they’d be shrewd and would get away with their cheating … or maybe they’re just lucky and can consume anything they get their hands on while remaining in peak physical condition.

Regardless, it’s best to keep your hopes low on this one.  There are many other reasons to be disappointed in life, but holding your breath and crossing your fingers over a couple of sure-thing suspensions shouldn’t be one of them.  You’re looking at anywhere from 95-98% of these appeals being denied and suspensions being upheld, so it’s time to start focusing on “when”, not “if”.

WHEN they get suspended, how fucked are we?

Well, first of all, you should probably hope beyond hope that these suspensions happen sooner rather than later.  Even before the loss to Miami, I wasn’t holding out much hope for this season being a Championship one.  Ergo, it’s probably better we get these 4-game suspensions out of the way now.  So we can go into next year with a legitimate hope for a title run (or, at the very least, a deep playoff run).

I know there’s the argument out there that we should hope that this appeal drags out for as long as possible, but frankly I just don’t see it.  Yeah, the team could plan ahead if they were suspended for the first four games of 2013, but do you think that whatever contingency plan they come up with is going to be as good as simply having Browner and Sherman back there doing their things?  Because I don’t!  Honestly, I don’t think any contingency plan is going to be all that much better than what we’d do THIS year with them gone.

Likely, that will involve Walter Thurmond in a starting role.  Likely, Marcus Trufant will be moved back to whichever side of the field suits him as a starter.  And likely, whoever’s left over will be moved into that nickel corner role.  With Earl Thomas also likely playing a bigger part as a cover corner.

I’m asking you, is that REALLY that bad?  Yeah, in an ideal world, Trufant will be retired before next year; but what if we need him next year because Sherman and Browner are out?  Do you really want to see what Trufant looks like 9 months from now?  Is it even REMOTELY possible he will have gained back whatever step he has lost?  Because, I highly doubt it.

This year, however, I think you can lean on him for one final push.  He is a veteran, after all.  He knows how to play his old position, utilize the sideline and all that.  I’ll take him starting the last four games of a mostly-lost season over him starting the first four next year.

In short, yeah, the Seahawks are probably fucked.  But, I think we’ll be a lot LESS fucked if we can burn off these suspensions this year as opposed to next.  Either way, I’ll be interested to see how the defense adjusts.  Won’t be as much press-coverage, I’ll tell you that much.

On to the rankings:

  1. San Francisco 49ers (8-2-1):  The 49ers are an elite team with Alex Smith.  With Colin Kaepernick, they might be a fucking dynasty!  I shit you not.  They also might be nothing special, but something in my gut tells me Kaepernick is the real deal and we as Seahawks fans should be scared shitless.  We’ll see.  (Last Week:  1)
  2. Atlanta Falcons (10-1):  Nice road win against a surging Tampa team.  It doesn’t get much easier the rest of the way; they can thank the Rams for giving them a good 2-game cushion over the 49ers for that #1 seed.  (Last Week:  2)
  3. Houston Texans (10-1):  They should’ve lost that game on Thanksgiving.  Lucky bastards.  Lucky that Jim Schwartz is such a tool!  (Last Week:  3)
  4. Baltimore Ravens (9-2):  They ALSO should have lost and are ALSO lucky bastards.  Lucky that Norv Turner is a God damn dickhole!  (Last Week:  5)
  5. Denver Broncos (8-3):  They just keep winning.  (Last Week:  6)
  6. Chicago Bears (8-3):  What a difference a healthy Cutler makes.  Still, I know the Seahawks suck dick on the road, but they shouldn’t take this week’s game for granted.  Their offensive line will REALLY need to step up.  And someone better be around to pick up the slack when Brandon Marshall goes on lockdown.  Given the matchup fits and their latest round of injuries last week, the Seahawks will be no cakewalk.  (Last Week:  7)
  7. New England Patriots (8-3):  Run up the score all you want, it’s not going to mask how shitty your defense is.  (Last Week:  8)
  8. New York Giants (7-4):  HUGE win over a Packers team that came in with a 5-game winning streak.  Who knows, this game might determine who gets the 3-seed and who gets the 4-seed.  Also known as:  who gets to play Chicago in the first round of the playoffs.  (Last Week:  9)
  9. Green Bay Packers (7-4):  I like their schedule going forward.  Minnesota is on the fast decline.  All they have to do is win in Soldier Field to take the head-to-head tiebreaker and thus the division.  (Last Week:  4)
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-5):  This team is going to be a chore for every team they play the rest of the way.  Very deserving of their Top 10 ranking.  (Last Week:  11)
  11. Indianapolis Colts (7-4):  Fucking smoke and mirrors does it again.  I can’t believe they’re going to make the playoffs with this team … (Last Week:  12)
  12. Cincinnati Bengals (6-5):  SURGING!  With no end in sight!  (Last Week:  13)
  13. New Orleans (5-6):  Their nice little run ended with a thud at home against the 49ers.  Now they hit the road to face Atlanta and the Giants.  Are you familiar with the phrase “tits up”?  (Last Week:  14)
  14. Seattle Seahawks (6-5):  This team is NOT a Top 10 team.  Top 10 teams win on the road against shitty Dolphin teams.  (Last Week:  10)
  15. Washington Redskins (5-6):  Impressive road win against an unimpressive Cowboys team on Thanksgiving.  If they can do it at home against the Giants on Monday night, I’ll buy them as For Real.  (Last Week:  19)
  16. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5):  Man, Charlie Batch?  Seriously?  The Seahawks just waived Josh Portis, I SERIOUSLY suggest you consider starting him this weekend.  It will be a VAST improvement.  (Last Week:  15)
  17. Minnesota Vikings (6-5):  Lamest 6-5 team in the NFL.  (Last Week:  16)
  18. Dallas Cowboys (5-6):  Their last three victories were against Cleveland, Philly, and Carolina.  And the Browns took them to overtime!  (Last Week:  17)
  19. Detroit Lions (4-7):  They had opportunities to win each of their last three games.  They lost them all.  And so ends the Lions’ season.  (Last Week:  18)
  20. St. Louis Rams (4-6-1):  Yeah, you beat the Cardinals, BFD.  (Last Week:  21)
  21. Miami Dolphins (5-6):  Yeah, you beat the Seahawks, BFD.  (Last Week:  26)
  22. San Diego Chargers (4-7):  Yeah, you … wait, you LOST?  They converted 4th and WHAT???  (Last Week:  20)
  23. Tennessee Titans (4-7):  They went into Miami, absolutely destroyed them, had a BYE week, then went into Jacksonville and lost.  THIS is why the NFL is retarded.  (Last Week:  22)
  24. Buffalo Bills (4-7):  Someone needs to take their coaching staff and front office behind the stadium and put bullets in their heads.  (Last Week:  24)
  25. New York Jets (4-7):  Yeah, if I was their unofficial mascot, I’d quit too.  (Last Week:  25)
  26. Cleveland Browns (38):  In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the attendance you haven’t, the Indians Browns have managed to win a few here and there, and are threatening to climb out of the cellar.  (Last Week:  28)
  27. Carolina Panthers (3-8):  Oh, there was a professional football game on last night?  (Last Week:  29)
  28. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9):  Chad Henne:  savior.  What are “words no one has ever thought to utter, ever”?  (Last Week:  31)
  29. Arizona Cardinals (4-7):  It’s like the Whis is TRYING to get himself shit-canned!  (Last Week:  23)
  30. Oakland Raiders (3-8):  Sometimes it’s just better to implode the whole fucking thing and start over from scratch.  (Last Week:  27)
  31. Philadelphia Eagles (3-8):  Ditto.  (Last Week:  30)
  32. Kansas City Chiefs (1-10):  Brady Fucking Quinn.  I mean, “ditto”.  (Last Week:  32)

Why It Would Be Foolish To Trade Matt Flynn

I tend to keep my reading habits on Seattle sports teams to the news-influenced varieties.  The Seattle Times beat writers, some ESPN stuff, the occasional interesting tidbit I find while trolling Twitter.  As for blogs, I try to limit what I read to one or two per sport.  Otherwise, Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t get a damn thing done all day!  If only I could get paid to sit around reading other blogs all day … I’d be a 500 pound millionaire!

I’m not much of a fan of the Bleacher Report, mostly because I feel it’s a joyless enterprise, featuring unpaid writers whose sole purpose is to get people to generate content for the sake of boosting the number of viewers to their site.  The writers themselves may enjoy their time writing about whatever it is they opt to write about, but the people behind the scenes only care about one thing.  The day you try to turn an enjoyable hobby into a career is the day you stop being a fan and start being The Man.  And The Man, as we all know, sucks.

Anyway, this post was brought to my attention, and I couldn’t disagree with it more.

To start, I feel like people are WAY too caught up in what Matt Flynn is making.  In the grand scheme of things, $19.5 million over three years is practically nothing in NFL terms.  He got a $6 million signing bonus and he’s making another $2 million in base salary in 2012.  Considering he likely won’t be in the Pro Bowl or win the NFL MVP, we won’t have to factor in any incentives.  The Seahawks, if they wanted, could cut him next spring and only take a $6 million cap hit.  Considering we still have a reasonably low payroll with no high-contract guys on the team, I think taking a $6 million hit is well within our means.

Now, I can see how it might mess with your mindgrapes to see a backup quarterback making all those millions of dollars while doing little else but hold a clip board, but just calm down and take a breather.  First, I would think you’d be used to it by now, considering what we paid Charlie Whitehurst for his two years of “service”.  Second, don’t think of it as a backup making too much money; think of it as the quarterback position as a whole … not really costing us a whole lot compared to the rest of the league.

If you’re a Russell Wilson fan, then you probably believe he’s going to be The Chosen One (and after this weekend’s performance, how can you not be inspired?).  Right now, he’s a rookie, on a rookie deal, and a cheap one at that considering he was drafted in the third round.  By the time he’s eligible for an extension, Matt Flynn will be all gone; so it’s not like Flynn will be hampering our ability to extend our franchise quarterback. 

The fact that we have a $20 million quarterback on the roster not doing anything is irrelevant.  He’s making the money he’s making because that’s what he was worth to us at the time of signing.  We didn’t know we’d be able to draft Russell Wilson.  We didn’t know that Russell Wilson would look as good as he looked in the offseason.  We didn’t even know that he’d be able to show up and produce in preseason games.  If Matt Flynn put up the same exact numbers as Russell Wilson and we had the same record after six games, no one would be saying anything about his $20 million contract, except probably that he’s a bargain.

Moving on to this talk of trading Flynn … are you fucking high?  Generally, you can count on one hand the number of quarterbacks in a given season who play every snap of every game in the regular season.  The odds of ANY quarterback surviving the whole way are pretty damn small.  Factor in Wilson’s penchant for running, factor in his size, factor in the fact that he’s playing in his first season against professionals who want nothing more than to sever his head from his body, who are MUCH stronger and more athletic than Wilson’s erstwhile college counterparts, and I’d say the chances are pretty great that we’ll see a backup quarterback taking meaningful snaps this season.

People talk about the importance of a backup quarterback all the time for a reason!  You need someone who can step in there and steady the ship until the starter can return.  Matt Flynn is the perfect backup quarterback for the very same reason why he’s such an enticing trade chip:  because he COULD be starting for teams like Kansas City, Jacksonville, Cleveland, and I’d even throw in the Raiders, Cardinals, and Jets.

Without Flynn, we’d be forced to start Josh Portis.  In essence, that would mean we’d effectively throw all those games in the trash.  With Flynn, we’d have the opportunity to not miss a beat.  With Portis, you might as well forfeit.

If Wilson makes it through 2012 unscathed.  If he continues to progress and get better and show flashes of true brilliance.  If he can lead us to the playoffs and not totally embarrass himself, then I’d be willing to just give him the keys to this team and see what he can do.  But, if he gets knocked around, maybe starts coming down with concussions.  Or if he regresses, makes a lot of mistakes, and leads us to a disappointing finish, then you absolutely have to keep all your options open.  And what better option than going with a guy already on your roster who still might turn out to be a high-quality quarterback?

But, by no means would you trade Flynn DURING the season.  That’s outright insanity.  You revisit that in the offseason, but you really don’t have to make it a priority.  You let teams come to you.  You let them out-bid one another.  You get the best possible return you could possibly get, and THEN you pull the trigger.

The Seahawks aren’t in the business of selling assets for pennies on the dollar.  Not when they don’t have to.  Not when they still have cap room to burn.  Why?  When the only consequence is reading a few blog posts about how much money Flynn is making?  What harm is that REALLY causing the team?  You’re worried about a quarterback controversy?  If Russell Wilson stinks up the joint, guess what?  There would be a quarterback controversy no matter how much the backup is earning from his contract!

So why should the Seahawks give away a starting-caliber quarterback for nothing?  Essentially, that would be nothing more than helping out your competition.  Make them earn it.  Make them offer you a deal you can’t refuse.  Until then, enjoy the comfort you’ve earned by knowing that if your starter goes down, it won’t necessarily be the end of the world.

Guessing the Seahawks’ 2012 53-Man Roster

Really quick, because we will all know for sure at 6pm tonight, here’s my stab at this year’s Week 1 roster:

Russell Wilson
Matt Flynn
Josh Portis – **CUT**

Running Back
Marshawn Lynch
Guns Turbin
Leon Washington
**Kregg Lumpkin** (??)
Michael Robsinson (FB)

Wide Receiver
Sidney Rice
Braylon Edwards
Doug Baldwin
Golden Tate
Charly Martin
**Ben Obomanu**

Offensive Line
Breno Giacomini
J.R. Sweezy
Max Unger
Paul McQuistan
Russell Okung
Lemuel Jeanpierre
John Moffitt
Frank Omiyale
Allen Barbre – **Suspended List**
**James Carpenter**

Tight End
Zach Miller
Kellen Winslow
Anthony McCoy
Sean McGrath – **CUT**

Defensive End
Chris Clemons
Bruce Irvin
Red Bryant
Greg Scruggs

Defensive Tackle
Alan Branch
Brandon Mebane
Jason Jones
Clinton McDonald
Jaye Howard

Leroy Hill
Bobby Wagner
K.J. Wright
Heath Farwell
Mike Morgan
Korey Toomer – **CUT**
**Malcolm Smith**

Kam Chancellor
Earl Thomas
Winston Guy
Jeron Johnson

Brandon Browner
Richard Sherman
Jeremy Lane
Byron Maxwell
Chris Maragos
Phillip Adams – **CUT**
**Marcus Trufant**

Special Teams
Jon “MVP” Ryan – P
Steven Hauschka – K
Clint Gresham – Long Snapper

I’m guessing they try to hide that fifth tight end on the practice squad.  I’m guessing if the team goes with Trufant, they’ll get rid of Maxwell.  I’m guessing if they don’t keep the bottom one or two offensive linemen I listed, that means they’re going outside of the organization and picking up some other team’s castaway(s).  I’m guessing those other running backs and fullbacks were nice, but there won’t be room and some other team will snap them up.

We’ll find out in a few hours.

Who Should The Seahawks Start At Quarterback In Week 1?

My opinion on the matter is likely to change half a dozen times in the next three weeks, but one thing has never wavered:  the final three quarterbacks on this roster should be, in some order, Matt Flynn, Russell Wilson, and Josh Portis.

In other words, so long Tarvaris Jackson!

There are two very obvious reasons why the Seahawks should NOT keep Tarvar.  For one:  you know what you’ve got with him.  He’s an okay game manager who will rarely win you more games than he loses you.  Give him a comfortable lead and a strong running game and Tarvar will come through.  Give him a deficit and a 4th quarter comeback and he will almost always fail you.  He’s a big arm, but not a big game quarterback.  He has had ample opportunity to prove that he’s an elite-level NFL quarterback and all he has shown is that he’s somewhere between the middle of the pack and the end of the road.  I know that doesn’t make any sense, but when you’re talking about Tarvar, you understand.

The other obvious reason is:  there is no point in keeping the guy if he’s not going to be part of your future.

It appears that Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson can both start in this league.  Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen.  Whether they can start and SUCCEED also remains to be seen.  But, right now, from what little I’ve seen and from what little more I’ve read, I think these guys have some sort of a future in the NFL.

I also think that Josh Portis can be a quality backup somewhere.  The kind of guy to spell your starter if he gets injured, who will run around and make a few plays, who will entice a disgruntled fanbase to chant his name when things are rough.

Tarvar can also be a quality backup, but that’s his best-case scenario.  He can come in and manage a game for you when your starter goes down, but rarely will he come in and bring your team back from the brink.  Tarvar needs to be a backup on a veteran team with all the pieces in place to be a perennial Super Bowl contender.  A backup to a QB who has already proven to be a Top 5 guy in this league.  Where he can just sit and wait to be called upon (which, hopefully for that team’s sake, will be never).

There’s no point in keeping Tarvar around as a backup on a young, up-and-coming team looking to establish something in this league.  Any of the three other guys on this team can EASILY be as good if not better than Tarvar in that backup role.  The only prudent thing to do is get rid of him and let him try to catch on somewhere else before the season starts.

As for the battle between Flynn and Wilson, honestly I’m torn.  I’ve had such high hopes for Matt Flynn, I’ve spent so long talking myself into this guy, that I just kind of want to see if he’s the real deal or not.  On the flipside of things, I haven’t really been talking myself into this guy for THAT long.  And, if he’s not going to be the guy, then I’d rather Russell Wilson spend his rookie season getting acclimated to the NFL game before we’re ready for the real push next year.

I’m keeping realistic hopes for 2012.  The Super Bowl for the Seahawks is so far out of the question it’s not even funny.  The playoffs … maybe.  But, 2012 more than anything will be a building-block season.  If the Seahawks are able to push through into the playoffs, then NEXT year we can discuss contending for a championship.  But, if these Seahawks start Flynn and they DON’T make the playoffs – or, even worse, if these Seahawks make the playoffs in spite of Flynn’s poor play – then 2012 has been a total waste and everything gets bumped back at least a year.

I’m not getting any younger, people!

The last thing I want to see is Flynn come in and struggle.  But, here’s the deal:  I HAVE to know!  One way or the other, I have to know if Flynn is the guy or not.  I’ve paid for my ticket, I’ve got my bucket of popcorn and my large Orange Fanta, now I need to know if this movie is Oscar-worthy or Razzie-worthy.  I wish I had a time machine, or some kind of crystal ball that would just TELL me if I’m wasting my time or not!  But, no, I’ve just got to wait this out.

Russell Wilson is the ultimate insurance policy.  You know those inane bumper stickers that say, “My other car is a Porsche” or something?  Russell Wilson is our Porsche.  Except, he’s more like a previously-owned Porsche.  Do we have something that will run like a top?  Or will it break down on us as soon as we hit the freeway?

You know what’s almost as bad as having no hope?  Having too much hope.  If the Oakland Raiders are at the no-hope end of the quarterbacking spectrum (too old, no young guys with any promise), the Seahawks are at the opposite end of the too-much-hope spectrum.  Is Matt Flynn the next Matt Hasselbeck?  Or is he the next Kyle Orton?  Is Russell Wilson the next Drew Brees?  Or is he just another too-short pipe dream who flew too close to the sun?

I just want to go to sleep and not wake up until the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl, is that too much to ask?

Honestly, I think it’s too early to have an opinion.  I know the Seahawks have to make a decision sooner rather than later, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Russell Wilson get a chance to start this Saturday.  Give him the first half, let him do his thing; give Flynn the second half, let him do his thing.  Then, based on that, either switch back to Flynn for Game 3 (and going forward), or stick with Wilson and don’t look back.  I’m sure I’ll have an update to this debate after the game in Denver.

What the Seahawks Should Do At Quarterback In 2012

In the event you can’t count, the Seattle Seahawks have four quarterbacks on the roster.  Well, not technically, but we expect Russell Wilson to sign his contract any time.  THEN we’ll have four quarterbacks.

In the event you’re new to the game of professional football, teams rarely – if EVER – keep more than three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.  Sometimes, it’s as few as two.  Three.  Three is the cheese.

"Speaks so well" isn't a compliment!

Now, if you’re like me, you think Matt Flynn is going to be our starter going into Week 1 of the regular season.  The only conceivable way this DOESN’T happen is if he gets injured.  Matt Flynn getting injured would be very VERY bad for my mental well-being.  I can’t handle a whole fucking summer of the Mariners, followed by our best quarterback going into the regular season injured.

Depending on the severity of the hypothetical injury, we could see some interesting things shake out.  If Flynn goes down for the count early in the preseason, I don’t think there’s any question Tarvar enters as the Number 1 Quarterback.  If Flynn’s injury is something that’s only going to cost him a week or two … maybe not?

Here’s my thinking on the matter:  let’s say Matt Flynn wins the starting job in Training Camp, but let’s say it’s not exactly a landslide.  Both quarterbacks show flashes of brilliance, and both show flashes of why they should be backups in this league.  At that point, the last thing this team wants is a Quarterback Controversy.  Tarvar is in the last year of his 2-year deal.  Flynn is in the first year of a 4-year deal.  Obviously, all things being equal, all things are not equal.  That’s a notch in Flynn’s belt right off the bat, before he’s even thrown a pass in a Seahawks uniform.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if, given the closeness of the outcome between the two players, Tarvar is released before the regular season starts, in the final roster cut-downs.

Seahawks fans might not love the guy, but Tarvar showed a lot of grit and a lot of guts last season by taking a pounding behind an inexperienced offensive line.  Granted, some of that was of his own making by holding the ball too damn long, but still.  If Flynn comes out of the gate and costs us a couple of ballgames, who’s to say these fans around here wouldn’t be calling for Tarvar to replace our Golden Child?  Hell, these fans once chanted for Trent Fucking Dilfer!  They once chanted for Charlie Whitehurst!

On the one hand, I see the value of having a veteran guy who knows the offense as your second string quarterback.  QBs go down all the time in this league!  With the talent we have around the quarterback position, I could easily see Tarvar stepping in for a game or two (while Flynn works through an ankle sprain or something) and this team not missing a beat.

On the other, more favorable hand, I want Tarvar out of my life but permanently.  I want to see Matt Flynn thrash the shit out of him in Training Camp so there’s absolutely no question who the leader is of this team.  I want to see more of Josh Portis, because I think he can be exciting.  And, I want to see what Russell Wilson is capable of.

Essentially, Tarvar’s fate rests in Russell Wilson’s hands.  I think we’re all pretty confident in the fact that Josh Portis is a third stringer and no more.  But, Wilson is the real wild card here.  He’s a rookie, so off the bat everything is going to be difficult for him.  But, if he shows this coaching staff he can handle the workload, can remain composed on the field, and lead this offense on some impressive drives, then he could easily snatch that second string job from Tarvar and make the decision to waive him academic.

I, for one, hope exactly that happens.  Wilson seems to have a good head on his shoulders.  Seems like he’ll be willing to put in all the extra work required to be a major player in this league.  If he ends up being the reason why we jettison Tarvar, he will most certainly earn a place in this bitter blogger’s heart.

Tarvar was a move based out of necessity.  We needed to rid this team of Matt Hasselbeck because his best days were clearly behind him.  We needed a quarterback who knew the offense our coordinator was bringing in because we had no offseason thanks to the lockout.  Tarvar came in, tried his hardest, and led this team to a number of impressive wins.  But, he’s still a .500 quarterback at best.  It’s time to let him go and see what a real man can do with the position.

Seattle Seahawks Draft Russell Wilson, Other Guys

Before my website took a huge shit in the bed, rolled around in it, then walked over and gave me a big, sloppy bear-hug, I was going to cover the Seahawks’ draft pretty extensively, as only a blogger can:  lots and lots of posts.

Instead, I’m going to grab some dinner, watch an episode of the Simpsons, and try to knock this out in one big clump.

Here’s the list, for those who like lists:

  • First Round – Bruce Irvin (DE)
  • Second Round – Bobby Wagner (MLB)
  • Third Round – Russell Wilson (QB)
  • Fourth Round – Robert Turbin (RB)
  • Fourth Round – Jaye Howard (DT)
  • Fifth Round – Korey Toomer (LB)
  • Sixth Round – Jeremy Lane (CB)
  • Sixth Round – Winston Guy (S)
  • Seventh Round – J.R. Sweezy (G)
  • Seventh Round – Greg Scruggs (DT)

Let’s just start with the bottom picks and work our way back.  Scruggs and Howard you have to figure were drafted to be defensive line depth.  With the importance of the big men along our line (guys like Mebane, Branch, and of course, Red Bryant), you really can’t have enough depth behind them.  For the purposes of rotation as well as for injury insurance.  I know nothing about either of them except that they come from bigtime college football schools, so good for them.

In keeping with that “depth” theme, you have to figure Lane and Guy are little more than Special Teamers at best.  Safety, when we’re healthy, has to be the best position on this team.  And, quite honestly, corner isn’t all that far behind.  Still, Trufant is an old man, so if either of these guys can play nickel corner, so much the better for them.

J.R. Sweezy is an interesting 7th round pick (if such a thing can exist).  You always sit up and take notice whenever a team looks to draft a guy and immediately switches his position.  Jameson Konz comes immediately to mind as a somewhat recent draft pick who has switched; though, truth be told, he was drafted more as an “athlete” than as a member of any single position.

Korey “It’s Not A” Toomer (I really hate myself right now) is a linebacker.  As a fifth round pick, you can’t immediately dismiss his chances of making an immediate impact, as Schneider and Carroll have proven fifth rounders are very real commodities.  And we all know Linebacker is a position of great need.

Yes, the Seahawks signed a couple of veterans.  Leroy Hill is back in the fold.  Barrett Ruud was signed to potentially be a veteran presence in the middle.  Matt McCoy is also back, but he’s really more of a special teamer than any kind of threat to start on this defense.

On the whole, you have to figure K.J. Wright is the only guy certain of a starting position going into this season.  I like Hill’s chances to start opposite him, but if one of our younger pick-ups proves to be adept, Hill could very well get his walking papers before the preseason is over.  And Ruud is a critical injury risk who shouldn’t be counted on for much of anything.

Especially considering the Seahawks went out and committed the Cardinal Sin of drafting a middle linebacker before the 3rd round.  You gotta figure Bobby Wagner is going to get every opportunity to win himself a starting job on this young, up-and-coming defense.  While 2nd round picks don’t have quite the cache of 1st rounders, they’re still more often than not players you can pencil into your starting lineup (unless they’re blocked by a proven veteran, which Wagner is not).

One of the two picks I’m particularly excited about (with Irvin being the other one) is Robert Turbin.  I kinda had a feeling the Seahawks might draft a running back in the third round, but the fourth is pretty close.  Why am I excited about Turbin?  Have you seen his guns???

Whichever way the beach is, it's absolutely awe-inspiring ...

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’ve got a little chub going on down there!

Dude runs a 4.5 40, has a 36 inch vertical, and he bench pressed 225 pounds 28 times!  If this guy isn’t an absolute wrecking ball, then I’ll eat my hat!

Of course, Beastmode is my guy, and I hope he stays healthy and productive throughout the life of his contract.  But, Turbin getting 5-10 carries a game will CERTAINLY raise our running game’s overall profile a great deal.  He’s going to do all those things Forsett couldn’t.  Like create his own holes, run defenders over, and absolutely destroy the seams of any long-sleeve shirt he tries to put on.

Excuse me, I need a minute.

That just leaves our two marquee names.  I’m already on record as liking the Bruce Irvin pick.  I’ll just add a couple more points to my argument.

People are saying it’s foolish to draft a guy who is only one-dimensional.  A guy who will only play a third of the downs.  To that I reply:  what exactly is that one dimension, again?  That’s right, that would be pass rushing.  We didn’t select the best defensive end in the draft, we selected the best PASS RUSHER in the draft.

Now, what was the one aspect on defense last year that we were lacking?  Oh, THAT’S RIGHT, a pass rush!  Sure, we had Chris Clemons, but we ONLY had Chris Clemons.  This guy, if he becomes as reliable as Chris Clemons has been for us in the two years since we traded for him, then he will DEFINITELY be worth the first round draft pick.

We didn’t NEED to draft a well-rounded defensive end who can play against the run.  We had one of those guys before and we gave him away for peanuts; remember Lawrence Jackson?  Yeah, did you REALLY want to see the Seahawks draft another Lawrence Jackson?  Another widebody who will eat up space and rarely get close enough to even blow kisses on the other team’s quarterback?  Because I sure as shit didn’t!

I will be absolutely elated if Bruce Irvin plays a third of our downs this year.  Because that means we’re forcing teams into a lot of 3rd down situations.  And because, Jesus Christ, he’s a fucking ROOKIE!  Cut him some slack!  He hasn’t even stepped foot onto the football field and we’re already making ultimatums!

Guys drafted at the 15th overall spot aren’t exactly slam dunks, all right?  Those other ends we passed on, there’s no guaranteeing that they’ll be anywhere near as good as people projected them to be!  At least with Irvin, we know he has a skill:  he’s fast.  Everything else:  technique, you can teach; size & strength, you can have him bulk up; savvy, that comes with the experience of playing the game.

Sure, he might only be playing a third of the downs NOW.  But, in a couple years, when we rid ourselves of Chris Clemons, he should be poised to take over on an every-down basis.  Then, we’ll see.  We’ll see whether the nay-sayers are right or not.

Finally, there’s Russell Wilson.  Quarterback from Wisconsin.  For a while there last year, he was in the hunt for the Heisman Trophy.  He threw for over 3,000 yards, with nearly a 73% completion percentage, 33 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions.  He led his team to a Big Ten championship and came within seven points of the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl.

And, if you added another 3 inches of height, you’d be talking about a Top 5 NFL Draft Pick.  MAYBE even the number one overall pick in any year that Andrew Luck didn’t come out.

People are flabbergasted about this pick.  Honestly, I don’t know why!  John Schneider comes from an organization that was CONSTANTLY drafting quarterbacks!  You want to read some intelligent football analysis?  Read the TMQ.  His pre-draft column is particularly insightful for his section on quarterbacks.

The quarterback is the most important position on your team.  Therefore, if you don’t have a Sure Thing (like an Aaron Rodgers, a Drew Brees, a Tom Brady, etc.), then there is no EXCUSE for you to NOT take a quarterback!  And, just because you drafted a quarterback last year, or because you brought one in via free agency (like we did with Flynn), that doesn’t mean you just STOP!  We don’t know what we have with Flynn!  We think he’ll be pretty good, but you never know.  You never know about ANYONE!

Aaron Rodgers could get his leg snapped in half in Green Bay’s first preseason game and be out for the year.  So, would it be a bad idea to draft for some depth before that becomes a reality?  And if you have a recent draft pick already on your roster, is a little competition a BAD thing?

No way.  The Seahawks have Matt Flynn, projected starter.  They have Tarvar, projected backup.  And they have Josh Portis, projected Practice Squad Guy.  Just because Josh Portis wowed some of us in a few preseason snaps last year doesn’t automatically earn him that coveted third string slot on the team!

Yes, I know, the height.  Height is always an issue.  Look at the numbers, the odds are astronomically against this kid!  Just like they are for 5’8 point guards in the NBA.  But, every so often, an Isaiah Thomas breaks through and makes a name for himself.  It takes someone strong of will, strong of character, strong of heart, and strong of brains.  You’ve got to have the drive to put in hours upon hours of practice, the focus to watch hours upon hours of tape.  And you’ve got to have the same skill as any number of people taller than you, so you can say, “If I was taller, I’d be a Number 1 pick.”

What’s the difference between Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin, III?  About three inches, and that’s it.

I like the move.  Depth and competition.  The Seahawks don’t have NEARLY as many holes as a lot of fans like to believe.  Pete Carroll and John Schneider have filled the bulk of those holes over the last two offseasons.  Now, it’s all about creating depth and competition.

Fight for those jobs, Seahawks!  Fight for your very lives!

Why The Seahawks Will Not Be Making The Playoffs

What was THAT?

I was fully prepared to concede that the Seahawks did not look good yesterday, but they got the job done and that’s all that really matters.  5-6 is 5-6 and nobody can take that away from us.

Then, Rex Grossman fucking took it away from us!

Does it ever feel to any of you that Rex Grossman owns the Seahawks?  Well, he averages 270 yards per game against the Seahawks; against the league as a whole he averages 188 yards.  He completes 65% of his passes against the Seahawks; 55% against the entire league.  He has a quarterback rating of 94 against the Seahawks; 71.4 against the league.  I don’t know what we did to this guy, but he fucking RAPES everytime he sees our blue asses.

Yesterday was no different.  314 yards, 74% completion, 96.6 rating … you know what he’s done the rest of the year?  Pretty much jack squat!  Hence why he was benched in favor of John Beck, only to be reinstated again because John Beck is the fucking apocalypse.

I can’t BELIEVE we blew a 10-point lead with 12 minutes left in the 4th quarter!  Except, I totally can, because did anyone else notice the stat the flashed on the broadcast coming out of the break in between quarters?  I don’t, exactly, but I caught the jist:  Seahawks are undefeated in their last so-many games when they have the lead after 3 quarters.  Figures, right?  How did we not see THAT one coming?

Even though we gave up a couple touchdowns, we still had a chance.  I can’t hate on the defense too much (even though Browner is a MACHINE when it comes to not turning around to make a play on the football), because Red Bryant – once again – blocked two kicks; including that late PAT to keep it to a 3-point game.  Meaning, instead of NEEDING a touchdown to win it, we could’ve kicked for overtime.

IF our offense could’ve done anything!

As much as I respect Tarvar’s guttiness, he’s got to be put down.  Give him, like, three or four weeks off.  Or, just shut him down entirely, but you gotta get someone else in there.  Someone NOT named Charlie.

At this point, why WOULDN’T you put in Josh Portis?  We’re 4-7.  We’re not going to win out and even if we did we still probably wouldn’t have what it takes to make the playoffs.  If you were going to blow this season by not drafting a QB, then the least you can do is take a look at each and every QB you have on your roster before next year’s draft.  What if we have our quarterback of the future right now and he’s yet to play a down for us?

Maybe it’s too early to make this move.  Maybe the coaching staff will tell you that you can’t EVER give up on your season like that.  Maybe.  But I’ll tell you what, there’s no way Tarvar should be starting a THURSDAY game against those Eagles.  I don’t care how bad they are, that defense will tear us a-fucking-part!  And you sure as shit can’t start Charlie!  He’s more repulsive right now than a team full of Jerry Sandusky’s!

Josh Portis, on the other hand, is a guy this fanbase – this 12th Man – can rally behind.  He isn’t yet tainted by the stench of utter failure.  The 12th Man knows our starting quarterback is hurtin’; they know our backup is worthless; Josh Portis is the opposite of both of them!  He’s healthy, he’s got wheels, he’s got that new-car smell because he’s got nothing but hope and potential behind him.

And sure, if he starts we’ll probably still lose the game.  But, at this point, with the way this offense has performed, can you do any worse?  Maybe he’ll be the Black Tebow, you never know!  Maybe he’ll look bad for three quarters, and then look like a pretty, pretty princess when the game is on the line!

It would be interesting, if nothing else.  This team could use some Interesting in its game.  I don’t think we want to watch our team get booed at home on national television (even if it IS on the NFL Network, which nobody owns).  Do the right thing, Pete.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

On Why I Think The Seahawks Will Go 2-14

This year’s Seahawks team will be, in a lot of ways, like last year’s team.  I think when they win, for the most part, they’ll  look okay; and when they lose, they’re going to get beaten into submission!

One exception might be Week 1 at San Francisco.  I certainly don’t think the Seahawks will win this game (in fact, my money is on the Seahawks losing by double digits), but the Seahawks COULD keep it interesting.  Could.  I dunno, maybe I’m not as down on Alex Smith as the rest of the world.  Sure, Alex Smith sucks, but is he really THAT bad?  My definition of THAT = Tarvaris Jackson & Charlie Whitehurst.  In his career against the Seahawks, Alex Smith has been pretty okay.  8 passing touchdowns (another 2 running) vs. 3 interceptions.  Tack on the fact that when he’s been healthy, Frank Gore has been killing Seahawks like Lionel Cosgrove kills zombies (5.75 yards per attempt career vs. Seattle), and I’d say right there that’s enough.  But, San Fran also has a good rush defense.  And their pass defense can’t be THAT bad (see:  above definition of THAT).  My guess:  San Francisco 24, Seattle 13.

Week 2 at Pittsburgh, just forget about it.  We’re going to be slaughtered.  If we literally make it out of the Steel City alive, I’ll be shocked.  What I’m trying to say is, they’re going to beat us so bad, a group of disgruntled, despondent players (probably led by Sidney Rice, Robert Gallery, Leroy Hill, and punter Jon Ryan) will likely attempt to overtake the cockpit during their flight home and crash the plane into Mount Rushmore instead of suffer the ignominy of playing one more game under this conglomerate of Seahawks players.  My guess:  Pittsburgh 44, Seattle 0.

Our best and likely only chance at a victory before the BYE will come in Week 3, during the home opener vs. Arizona.  Much like the San Francisco game, I just don’t see it happening for us.  If Tarvar is still standing and starting, this is where you’re first going to start hearing the steady stream of boos via the home crowd who paid good money for shoddy footballing.  It won’t all be Tarvar’s fault, but he will cough up the ball more than once.  The Cardinals, meanwhile, will have given Kevin Kolb the softest landing possible (week 1 vs. Carolina, week 2 @ Washington) as he steadily leads them to a 3-0 record while not looking all that amazing.  My Guess:  Arizona 31, Seattle 20.

In Week 4, again, forget it.  At home, vs. Atlanta, it’s going to be a repeat of last year down to the yard.  I don’t understand why everyone is so down on the Falcons this year; they had an awesome year last year, they’re bringing just about everyone of import back, and if they can stay healthy at quarterback, they should be able to continue rocking and socking opponents.  They might not win as many as they did last year, but they’ll still be in the playoffs!  And, as I said before, I got them in the Super Bowl.  My Guess:  Atlanta 45, Seattle 17.

Chock up an 0-5 record after Week 5 when the Seahawks go on the road to face the Giants.  First of all, they’re just better than us.  Secondly, they’ve got a HUGE bone to pick with us for taking a playoff spot last year (at 7-9), when they finished 10-6 and stayed home.  They still haven’t lived down that whole 12th Man/False Start fiasco game, so believe me when I say they’ll be looking to throw it down our throats.  My Guess:  New York 33, Seattle 13.

Week 6 is our BYE.  This is when everyone is saying Tarvar will be benched in favor of Charlie Whitehurst.  I concur.

In Week 7, we go to Cleveland.  A lot of people are riding Cleveland’s jock this year even though they didn’t do a whole lot last year.  Are you REALLY buying into Colt McCoy?  I know Peyton Hillis is like White Running Back Gold, but I dunno.  They jumped up and bit a couple of playoff teams last year and I think that’s exciting, but for Cleveland to withstand the long haul of a season (when they play in a division featuring Pittsburgh and Baltimore) is expecting a little too much.  In spite of that, this is a road game.  This is a road game that starts at 10am in the Pacific Time Zone.  This is the third consecutive road game to start at 10am in the Pacific Time Zone (of the five we have all year).  I don’t have to tell you how the Seahawks fare in this type of situation.  Nevertheless, I see them keeping it reasonably close.  My Guess:  Cleveland 16, Seattle 6.

I think we’re likely to see our first win in Week 8, when we play host to the Cincinnati Bengals.  Cincinnati will be one of a handful of teams we’ll be competing with in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes, and for the life of me I don’t know if we can beat them and still hold down the #1 pick.  Maybe they can steal a home game against the 49ers or Bills?  Maybe they shock Cleveland once, or steal a game late in the season when Houston starts to fade (as they always do)?  I don’t want to say we’re looking at an 0-16 team here, but I’m sayin’ there’s a chance (YEAH!).  I have to hope beyond hope this isn’t another 1992 season situation (where the Seahawks and the Patriots both had the same record, but since we beat them, they got the #1 overall pick and selected Drew Bledsoe).  Although, these ARE the Bungals; who’s to say they don’t pass over Andrew Luck for some linebacker or something?  My Guess:  Seattle 28, Cincinnati 14.

In Week 9, we go on the road to play Dallas (in yet another 10am start).  I don’t see this going well (because I see Dallas being a playoff team this year).  Tony Romo has a lot of reasons to hate us, he’s still got a lot of weapons, and they still have a defense that’s swarming & attacking like nobody’s business.  My Guess:  Dallas 35, Seattle 10.

By the time Week 10 comes around (when we host Baltimore), Charlie Whitehurst will have bought himself some time with some all-right play.  This is where that ends.  I’m seeing turnovers on top of turnovers, followed by a late-game injury that puts Tarvar back in the driver’s seat.  Meanwhile, Baltimore rolls all over us.  My Guess:  Baltimore 37, Seattle 17.

Going into Week 11, we’re 1-8, we’re most likely banged up, and where we’re not banged up we’re still incredibly young.  Going into week 11, where we go to St. Louis to play the Rams, they’re most likely not doing all that much better to tell you the truth.  By the time Week 11 rolls around, they will have played Philly, Baltimore, the Giants, Green Bay, Dallas, New Orleans, and they’ll have gone on the road to play Arizona and Cleveland.  Who’s to say the Rams won’t be down near the bottom of the division based solely on schedule alone?  Who’s to say the Rams won’t be ready to take advantage of a terrible Seahawks team?  My Guess:  St. Louis 35, Seattle 7.

In Week 12, the Seahawks face their 2nd biggest test of the season.  But, not in the way you’re thinking.  The Redskins come to town and I have to believe they’ll be poised for the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes as well.  Why did Seattle have such utter misfortune as to play the worst couple of teams in the NFL at home?  There’s no way we don’t beat Washington, is there?  Meanwhile, who do they play?  They go on the road to Carolina and Buffalo back-to-back; that MIGHT be two wins, but I wouldn’t count on it because I (unlike most others) like Buffalo and think they can shock some teams this year (similarly to the way Cleveland shocked a couple teams last year).  I gotta hope Washington takes out Arizona or Minnesota or the 49ers at home, because the rest of their home contests are hard as shit.  My Guess:  Seattle 31, Washington 28.

In Week 13, on a Thursday night the NFL Network must already be regretting, the Seahawks host the Philadelphia Eagles.  It’s almost like the NFL has a crystal ball and looks into the future for the WORST possible matchups based solely on the outcome of the game and based nothing on what this game could represent going into the season (or the offseason, or whenever the schedules are actually released).  There’s no way the announcers aren’t yammering on for 20 solid minutes about the Pike Place Market in the middle of the third quarter.  My Guess:  Philadelphia 44, Seattle 21.

Eleven days later, we host the Rams during Week 14‘s Monday night.  Under normal, non-Andrew Luck Sweepstakes circumstances, I’d say this is the NFL making up for the fact we play a shitload of 10am games and have to travel more than anyone else in the league.  Who knows, if we had Hasselbeck for this game, Week 14’s matchup might actually mean something.  As it stands, this should probably end up being a more exciting game than anyone really deserves.  I’m seeing a last-minute drive by Sam Bradford to lead the Rams narrowly over the Seahawks.  My Guess:  St. Louis 34, Seattle 33.

In Week 15, the Seahawks will be 2-11 and going into Soldier Field to play the Bears.  I don’t think Chicago will be worth two shits this year, but it’ll still be December and it’ll still be in the Midwest.  Look for the Bears to take us out much like they did in last year’s playoffs, no matter who’s starting at quarterback for them by then.  By the way, how pissed are the Rams?  They finish 2nd in the NFC West, yet their record dictates they have to play the Super Bowl winner and the New Orleans Saints!  Meanwhile, we get the Bears (who were lucky as all hell to win their division last year) and the Falcons (who many are down on).  Just thought I’d point that out.  My guess:  Chicago 21, Seattle 3.

In Week 16, on Christmas Eve, the Seahawks will host the 49ers, and I’m not gonna lie to you, we’ll be in full-tank mode.  At this point, Pete Carroll will be looking for answers, so enter Josh Portis to make his NFL debut.  Portis will show flash and sizzle, but in the end won’t have what it takes to beat on the surprisingly still-in-the-hunt-for-the-division 49ers.  My Guess:  San Francisco 27, Seattle 21.

In Week 17, Seattle goes to Arizona to finish the run of games.  Seattle will lose.  Seattle will still be contending with a couple of other teams, in all likelihood.  I can’t tell you how many people think Buffalo will be right down near the bottom, but I’m just not seeing it.  I like Ryan Fitzpatrick!  He showed a lot of moxie last year!  Plus, they play the AFC West, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Tennessee Titans at home.  There’s got to be 5 or 6 wins in their future.  Meanwhile, Carolina.  Oh whoa Carolina!  I’m putting them in the toughest division in the NFC (with potentially three playoff teams in the mix), plus they play Green Bay, Detroit (in Detroit), and they start off the season in Arizona.  They have Cam Newton (who will be balls) starting, so that right there will keep them in the lower 5th of the league.  The one upside is:  what are the odds a team takes back-to-back quarterbacks #1 overall in back-to-back NFL Drafts?  Are you REALLY going to invest all of this money in Cam Newton, then turn around and take Andrew Luck the very next year?  Seems kinda silly if you ask me.  My Guess:  Arizona 17, Seattle 10.

And THAT, my friends, is how you find the Seahawks at 2-14 to end the season with a shot at the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes (again, see above definition of THAT).  I encourage you to join me over here.  We the Resigned, we the Giving Up, we the Looking Ahead To Next Year!  Join me, stop caring about wins, quietly root for losses (or, at the very least, 1 more win for all the other crappy teams out there), and let’s look ahead to the #1 draft pick in next year’s NFL Draft!  Yes We Can!

Seahawks Finish Preseason, Make Cuts, Ready Themselves For Losses That Count

I probably didn’t see much more than a minute or two of the action last Friday as 7:30pm was the exact time my fantasy footall draft started.  It’s a good thing Golden Tate had a whale of a game, because I was pretty nervous that drafting him in the first round was a bad idea.

But, it’s not like it matters that I didn’t see the game, because what can you learn from a game like this anyway?  Pete Carroll went the standard route of having the starting quarterback play only a couple of series.  Then, Charlie Whitehurst came in and showed everyone why he wants to be known as The World’s Best August Quarterback.  There were field goals made by a kicker we would subsequently waive over the weekend; there were touchdowns scored by running backs we would subsequently waive over the weekend.  Justin Forsett averaged 3.0 yards per carry; Leon Washington averaged significantly less; and Tarvar – in spite of his only playing those two possessions – still managed to throw an interception.

The only thing we actually learned is:  we need to stop playing the Oakland Raiders.  Every time we play them, we come out of the game riddled with injuries!

This time, it’s Robert Gallery and defensive lineman Jimmy Wilkerson.  So that’s … that’s just great.

Over the weekend, we picked up Denver’s backup kicker (the guy who made the game-winner against us a couple weeks ago) and three other guys.  In exchange, I dunno.  Colin Cole is gone; a casualty of injury and money concerns.  Deon Butler starts on the PUP list, so that’s a shred of good news for a guy trying to come back from a brutal leg injury.  We kept Josh Portis as our third quarterback; that’s pretty exciting I guess.

The great national nightmare is officially over.  No more preseason for another year.  Now it’s on to the regular season.  Now it’s on to the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.