Just Say No To Terrelle Pryor

Boy, that Derek Carr kid really fucked us right in the pussy, didn’t he?

I know this isn’t a Raiders blog, but the biggest takeaway I got out of this game is:  Derek Carr is the real deal.  That kid was FEARLESS out there, grabbing the Legion of Boom by the horns and riding them down into the turf like a wounded animal.  Not too many quarterbacks are able to ram it down our throats like that – not even the greats like Manning or Brees.  Here’s to hoping Matt Schaub is renting and didn’t already buy, because he’s going to have to pack his bags by season’s end.

Not too much to say about this one.  It was the fourth pre-season game.  The starters – for the most part – played for one series.  Granted, it was the greatest fucking series known to man:  4 plays, 80 yards, and a touchdown in less than 2 minutes to kick off the game.  Consider me the most psyched that we actually managed to get Russell Wilson out of the football game after only one series.  Seems to me he manages to weasel his way into more pointless pre-season series than I care to witness.

After that, it was all young guys (with the exception of Okung and a few others who needed to play longer to get their conditioning in order, since they missed so much of the pre-season).  The Raiders, under Carr’s direction, scored 28 unanswered after our opening touchdown, and they never looked back, even though they immediately took him out of the game at that point and replaced him with Matt McGloin before Carr could drop 50 on us.

Not a whole lot of people stood out on the good side of things.  Bryan Walters had a seemingly good game, but he also fumbled a kickoff, so he’s probably gone.  Can’t be holding the ball like a loaf of bread out there (whatever that means).  None of the running backs stood out.  Jordan Hill played an okay game, I suppose.  DeShawn Shead had that interception return for a touchdown (off of McGloin) that I didn’t see because I was out picking up a few things from the store.

I thought Phillip Adams looked pretty terrible, especially considering he was out there with the second-team defense and is right there on the bubble of making this team.  You can’t get caught flat-footed when you have no help behind you on a go-route.  There’s being aggressive and there’s making aggressive mistakes, and you’ve got to walk the finest of lines if you want to make this team.

The backups as a whole didn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence.  It wasn’t, really, until the second half before our pass rush got home with any sort of regularity.  Derek Carr might be the best quarterback in his draft class, or he might just be another Mike Glennon, but even the Mike Glennonest of quarterbacks will be able to tear through your defense if you’re giving him all day to throw.

The thing I really want to talk about is Terrelle Pryor.  I don’t think the Seahawks should keep him, in case you couldn’t tell from the title.  He’s not a good quarterback, plain and simple.  There’s talent there, sure.  Strong arm, running ability, but those guys are a dime a fucking dozen and you all know this!  Stop being dazzled by these qualities!  He’s not accurate, he doesn’t make quick decisions, he often doesn’t make GOOD decisions, and I don’t care if there are openings within our division – the 49ers probably aren’t happy with their backup QB situation; the Rams obviously lost Bradford for the year – I would GLADLY watch Pryor walk to one of their teams, because I think we’d rip his shit apart if he ended up starting against us.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Terrelle Pryor isn’t even the third-best quarterback on this roster right now.  B.J. Daniels is FAR superior, plus you don’t lose all that much in the arm strength arena or the run ability arena.  But, that’s neither here nor there, because I think keeping a third quarterback is idiotic.

Are we really going to lose two quarterbacks in the same game?  Is that something that needs to be worried about?  How often does that happen?  For two quarterbacks to get SO injured that they can’t simply stand there and hand the ball off until the clock reaches zero?

Are you keeping him so you can prevent other teams from picking him up?  Well, that’s stupid.  For starters, he doesn’t know their playbook, so if he’s picked up elsewhere, it’ll take him weeks before he’s able to figure out what he’s doing.  And even then, as long as the starter on that team is healthy, he’s not going to get the reps in practice to work out his shit.  He’s a free agent at the end of this season anyway, so it’s not like that team would get to work with him long term unless he signed an extension.

Finally, let’s say for the sake of argument that the Seahawks end up watching both Russell Wilson AND Tarvaris Jackson go down with injury at the same time this season:  you think Terrelle Pryor is going to come in there and save our bacon?  He’s TERRIBLE!  He can hardly move the ball against second and third string defenses!  What makes you think he can move the ball against the likes of the 49ers, or literally anyone else?  Let’s face it, our season ends the moment Russell Wilson goes down with a long-term injury.  I don’t care how good the rest of the pieces are around him, no one else is leading this team back to the Super Bowl.

No, there’s no damn point in it.  Terrelle Pryor needs to go.  My first preference would be for the Seahawks to keep only two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster and take their chances with B.J. Daniels trying to slip through to the practice squad.  There are too many other areas of need on this team when it comes to depth.  My second preference would be to keep Daniels as our third QB, because he honestly has more upside.  Plus, he’s been with the team longer, so I have to believe he knows the players and the system better.

Cut-downs come by tomorrow.  Let’s hope I get what I want; you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Filling The Gaps On The Seahawks’ Roster

For starters, this isn’t going to be the most comprehensive thing you’ve ever read in your lives.  I’m not getting into the 90-man roster so much as the 53-ish man roster.

When I list the “2013 Roster”, I’m talking about the 53-man roster we had for the Super Bowl, with a small handful of extras tacked on who made a somewhat big impact in the 2013 season.  That having been said, let’s take a look at where we are and where we were.

I more-or-less already got into this subject a few weeks ago, but I thought I’d make it a little more visual-friendly (for my own sake, if nothing else).  In essence, this is another call to Seahawks fans out there that this offseason hasn’t been as devastating as it seems.

2013 2014
Def Line Michael Bennett Michael Bennett
Cliff Avril Cliff Avril
Brandon Mebane Brandon Mebane
Chris Clemons
Red Bryant (Jesse Williams)
Tony McDaniel Tony McDaniel
Clinton McDonald (Greg Scruggs)
O’Brien Schofield
Jordan Hill Jordan Hill
Benson Mayowa Benson Mayowa

As you can see, there aren’t a crazy amount of holes here.  Red Bryant’s spot will most likely be filled by Michael Bennett, with a little help coming from Jesse Williams (if he’s recovered from his IR stint as a rookie in 2013), Greg Scruggs (who also found himself on the IR, though has bulked up considerably in anticipation of his return to the playing field), or a rookie/someone from off the scrap heap.  I’m not TOO worried about replacing Red Bryant, because I believe Michael Bennett is a capable run defender, and other big bodies aren’t all that difficult to come by.

Also, I would anticipate Jordan Hill to improve and earn MUCH more playing time in 2014.  He saw almost no action as a rookie in 2013, but with these holes in the line (specifically the Clinton McDonald-sized hole in our D-Tackle rotation), I expect Hill to pick up the slack admirably.

The real thing to worry about is finding that third pass rusher.  I’m not so worried about the O’Brien Schofield spot, as that could be literally anybody at this point.  But, who will replace Chris Clemons?  That’s the most important question of the off-season, if you ask me.  We carried Benson Mayowa for the entirety of 2013; you’d have to think he’s learned all he could and is ready to apply that knowledge.  Mayowa had an impressive pre-season last year; let’s hope he carries that over.  If not, I fully expect the Seahawks to hit the draft for a pass rusher, as well as hit HARD the free agent scrap heap as the season approaches and teams have to cut their rosters down to 53.

2013 2014
Linebackers Bobby Wagner Bobby Wagner
K.J. Wright K.J. Wright
Bruce Irvin Bruce Irvin
Malcolm Smith Malcolm Smith
Heath Farwell Heath Farwell
Mike Morgan Mike Morgan

As you can see, we’ve got everybody back from this position group.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to keep it EXACTLY the same.  My hunch is:  the top four guys come back, and the team pushes HARD for the final two spots to be rookies, or otherwise cheaper replacements.  Maybe not so much Mike Morgan, but certainly Farwell, whose cap number is around $1.67 Million.  For a guy who only plays special teams (albeit, really fucking well), that’s kind of a high number.  And, aside from that, you gotta figure this team will want to groom at least one future starter at this position, as it won’t be able to pay Wagner, Wright, AND Smith the type of money they’d command on an open market.  I don’t see Farwell or Morgan as a starter type, so their jobs are probably in jeopardy.

2013 2014
Secondary Earl Thomas Earl Thomas
Kam Chancellor Kam Chancellor
Richard Sherman Richard Sherman
Byron Maxwell Byron Maxwell
Brandon Browner (Tharold Simon)
Walter Thurmond (Phillip Adams)
Jeremy Lane Jeremy Lane
Chris Maragos
DeShawn Shead DeShawn Shead
Jeron Johnson Jeron Johnson

As you can see, there aren’t any holes where it counts!  The Legion of Boom (Byron Maxwell Edition) is entirely intact.  We lost Browner, but we lost Browner last year too.  We also lost Thurmond, but you figure that Jeremy Lane (who returns) is still here and did just as well, in my book anyway.  Tharold Simon was a draft pick last year who spent 2013 on the IR.  He COULD be a Browner replacement/depth guy, but that all depends on how seriously he takes his job and how much he’s grown as a player since his lost rookie season.  I’d expect the team to look to the draft for one or two secondary guys.  We lost reserve safety (and special teams whiz) Chris Maragos, but DeShawn Shead and Jeron Johnson both return.  Phillip Adams was also re-signed by the Seahawks this offseason, so at least for 2014 we’ve got another experienced body to play on the inside.

2013 2014
Quarterbacks Russell Wilson Russell Wilson
Tarvaris Jackson Tarvaris Jackson
Terrelle Pryor

As you can see, we’re solid at quarterback.

2013 2014
Kicker Steven Hauschka Steven Hauschka
Punter Jon Ryan Jon Ryan
Long Snapper Clint Gresham Clint Gresham

As you can see, we’re solid at kicker, punter, and long snapper.

2013 2014
Receivers Percy Harvin Percy Harvin
Golden Tate
Doug Baldwin Doug Baldwin
Jermaine Kearse Jermaine Kearse
Sidney Rice Sidney Rice
Ricardo Lockette Ricardo Lockette
Bryan Walters Bryan Walters

As you can see, we’ve got just a Golden Tate-sized hole in our receivers unit.  Of course, one could argue that since Harvin only appeared in three games last year, it’s kinda like we replaced Tate with Harvin going into 2014.  Nevertheless, I fully expect a wide receiver to be drafted (and probably pretty high), and I expect a fierce battle among the undrafted free agents and other younger guys already on this roster.  In short, I expect Lockette and Walters to be replaced by two guys not even on our radar right now.  Also, I don’t expect this team to hold onto seven receivers, so disregard the table in that respect.

2013 2014
Backs Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch
Robert Turbin Robert Turbin
Christine Michael Christine Michael
Michael Robinson
Derrick Coleman Derrick Coleman
Spencer Ware Spencer Ware

As you can see, our running backs are intact.  Michael Robinson is always an option, but probably won’t make the opening day roster unless there are some injuries we’re dealing with.  Expect Lynch, Turbin, Michael, & Coleman to be locks to make the roster.  Ware will probably have to win a job (doesn’t help his cause that he had that DUI last year).  There’s maybe an outside chance that the team trades Turbin for a low-end draft pick, but that’s only if the team is confident in Michael’s ability to block for the quarterback.

2013 2014
Tight Ends Zach Miller Zach Miller
Luke Willson Luke Willson
Kellen Davis (Anthony McCoy)

As you can see, we’re good at tight end.  Anthony McCoy re-signed after being on IR all of last year.  If he’s healthy, he’s a pretty sure bet to be this team’s third tight end and REALLY give us some versatility.  McCoy is probably a better blocking tight end than Willson, and he’ll give us some better hands in the passing game than Kellen Davis.

2013 2014
Off Line Max Unger Max Unger
Russell Okung Russell Okung
J.R. Sweezy J.R. Sweezy
Breno Giacomini
James Carpenter James Carpenter
Paul McQuistan
Lemuel Jeanpierre Lemuel Jeanpierre
Michael Bowie Michael Bowie
Alvin Bailey Alvin Bailey
Caylin Hauptmann Caylin Hauptmann

As you can see, just a tiny bit of work to do along the offensive line.  Max Unger, Russell Okung, and J.R. Sweezy have all locked down their respective spots (Center, Left Tackle, Right Guard).  Left guard is still up for grabs, but James Carpenter probably has the early lead in that battle.  Right tackle will be brand new, and maybe Michael Bowie or Alvin Bailey wins that job.  Maybe one of them wins the left guard job.  Maybe this Caylin Hauptmann guy who was on the roster for most (if not all) of 2013 will shock the world and steal a spot somewhere.  Regardless, I like our line, and I like our depth.  By my count, I’ve got 6-7 guys in that roster who can start for me and not give me any gray hairs

So, when you look at it, there’s not a lot of places where we have to plug guys in.  Depth might be a little bit of an issue, but that’s what’s going to make this training camp and pre-season so interesting.  Who’s going to fill out in the back-end of the secondary and offensive line?  Who’s going to assume that third pass-rusher role?  With new, bigtime deals for Sherman and Thomas (presumably), one would figure that their roles in special teams will go away; who picks up that slack?

I’ve got, in my head, somewhere around 44-46 players listed above who are locks to make this team (and another handful that are on the bubble).  That means there could be upwards of 7-9 guys on the 2014 opening-day 53-man roster that we’ve never heard of!  On a Super Bowl champion, no less!

Again, these are merely depth positions, but who knows?  You could be talking about the next stars on this team starting with 2015 and beyond.

It’s exciting to be a Seahawks fan right now.  It helps that we’re coming off of a championship, but still.

Guessing the Seahawks’ 2012 53-Man Roster

Really quick, because we will all know for sure at 6pm tonight, here’s my stab at this year’s Week 1 roster:

Russell Wilson
Matt Flynn
Josh Portis – **CUT**

Running Back
Marshawn Lynch
Guns Turbin
Leon Washington
**Kregg Lumpkin** (??)
Michael Robsinson (FB)

Wide Receiver
Sidney Rice
Braylon Edwards
Doug Baldwin
Golden Tate
Charly Martin
**Ben Obomanu**

Offensive Line
Breno Giacomini
J.R. Sweezy
Max Unger
Paul McQuistan
Russell Okung
Lemuel Jeanpierre
John Moffitt
Frank Omiyale
Allen Barbre – **Suspended List**
**James Carpenter**

Tight End
Zach Miller
Kellen Winslow
Anthony McCoy
Sean McGrath – **CUT**

Defensive End
Chris Clemons
Bruce Irvin
Red Bryant
Greg Scruggs

Defensive Tackle
Alan Branch
Brandon Mebane
Jason Jones
Clinton McDonald
Jaye Howard

Leroy Hill
Bobby Wagner
K.J. Wright
Heath Farwell
Mike Morgan
Korey Toomer – **CUT**
**Malcolm Smith**

Kam Chancellor
Earl Thomas
Winston Guy
Jeron Johnson

Brandon Browner
Richard Sherman
Jeremy Lane
Byron Maxwell
Chris Maragos
Phillip Adams – **CUT**
**Marcus Trufant**

Special Teams
Jon “MVP” Ryan – P
Steven Hauschka – K
Clint Gresham – Long Snapper

I’m guessing they try to hide that fifth tight end on the practice squad.  I’m guessing if the team goes with Trufant, they’ll get rid of Maxwell.  I’m guessing if they don’t keep the bottom one or two offensive linemen I listed, that means they’re going outside of the organization and picking up some other team’s castaway(s).  I’m guessing those other running backs and fullbacks were nice, but there won’t be room and some other team will snap them up.

We’ll find out in a few hours.