History Of The Kicker Position For The Seattle Seahawks

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Seahawks Bring In Playoff Reinforcements

This is the worst.  You’re a good team, a top 5 team in the NFL that COULD, theoretically, make and win a Super Bowl, you’re smack dab in the middle of a playoff run, and suddenly you’re forced to bring in people off the street because guys have gone down with catastrophic injuries.  Sometimes, they’re even forced to start!  The Seahawks have a little of both coming their way.

Chris Clemons is out for the rest of the season (and most of the off-season) thanks to his ACL injury.  In his place, we’ve brought in Patrick Chukwurah.  What’s a Patrick Chukwurah?  Well, he’s a 33 year old defensive end who last played in the NFL in 2007.  In his 6-year NFL career spanning 2001-2007, he has a total of 9 sacks.  Apparently he’s been playing in … lesser football leagues since then, but that’s neither here nor there.

He’s a body.  He’s a guy who could possibly go out there and take up space if it comes to that.  He’s the low man on the depth chart who will be lucky to get any playing time.  If he does, it’ll strictly be in a pass-rush situation only.  Because, really, how much do you have to learn about a team’s scheme to run after the quarterback?

I don’t expect this move will impact the team in any way, unless we start getting decimated by injuries at the position.

On the flipside, the Seahawks have a new kicker.  Steven Hauschka has been put on IR.  The team brought in Ryan Longwell who won a kicking job on this team.  Ryan Longwell is our new starting kicker.

I’m not going to go over his kicking stats in the past, because what’s the point?  Either he’s got something left in the tank, or he’s finished.  But, if he’s not finished, there’s no point in going over his old numbers.  Kickers are insane!  They’ll have a shitty year, they’ll switch teams, then they’ll follow that up with an outstanding year.  There’s no rhyme or reason to a kicker.

I hope Longwell has something left, because I have a strong feeling this game is going to come down to whoever has the ball last.  I’m seeing a high-scoring game, tied with a minute or two to go, with the Seahawks driving.  Not that I have the most confidence in the world in Hauschka or anything, but he was growing on me.  Longwell:  I have no idea.

You always hate to lose starters this time of year.  For the Seahawks, we’re by no means talking about the most impactful starters on the team.  But, these are still two important guys who are going to be missed.  Let’s hope their replacements have what it takes to keep this train a rollin’.