The Mariners Have Lots Of New Relievers

I talked a little bit yesterday about Sam Tuivailala, the righty from the Cardinals who struggles against lefties.  Well, yesterday afternoon, the Mariners brought in a couple more guys.

We got veteran righty Adam Warren from the Yankees for some international slot money.  He looks like he’s pretty solid (and definitely great against right-handed bats).  And, we got lefty Zach Duke from the Twins for Chase De Jong and some other guy Ryan Costello.

While Tuivailala is a cost-control guy we’ve got for a few years, both Warren and Duke are veterans on the final years of their deals.  If they’re bad, then whatever, we took a shot.  If they’re good, I can’t imagine it would cost a whole helluva lot to retain them for 2019.

I’m still waiting to get a good idea of how the bullpen is going to look when the dust settles.  I wonder if Roenis Elias goes back to Tacoma for a spell.  Maybe a struggling guy or two goes on the DL to get right.  Maybe a struggling guy or two gets DFA’d for being a suck-ass (looking at you, Nicasio).

So, does this push us over the top?  Ehh, I dunno.  Still feels like the return of Cano is the big help on the horizon, but it couldn’t hurt to add to your bullpen, as it’s generally the most important group on the team (particularly down the stretch).  I guess we’ll see.  The Mariners didn’t give up a whole lot (unless Seth Elledge turns into a stud in a year or two) to get these three guys, and they have the potential to be significantly better over these final two months.

But, don’t get me wrong, these aren’t HUGE huge deals.  Edwin Diaz is still your closer, Alex Colome is still your 8th inning guy.  These are arms to help us through the 6th and 7th innings, ideally with lots of mixing-and-matching going on.  Figure some of these games are going to drag out quite a bit with the increased in-inning pitching changes.

The Mariners Lost Another Series

It was a 4-3 extra innings loss on Friday (our first such defeat of the season), where we were 1/8 with RISP; followed by a messy 11-5 loss on Saturday, where Felix continued his slide into obscurity; followed by a triumphant 8-5 victory on Sunday where we scored 7 runs in the first inning and made it hold on through Edwin Diaz’s 39th save.

I don’t have a lot to say that hasn’t already been said.  The good news in all of this is that the Astros are on a 4-game losing streak, and the A’s were swept over the weekend, so we didn’t lose any ground.

The Mariners also made a deal, bringing in right-handed reliever Sam Tuivailala from the St. Louis organization in exchange for minor leaguer Seth Elledge.  This Tuivailala guy is out of options, but he has team control through 2022.  He’s apparently very good against right-handed bats, but struggles against lefties, so I dunno.  Seems okay I guess, but we’ll see.

Is he the difference-maker for our stretch run?  I doubt it.  BABIP luck is probably going to be this pitching staff’s MVP the rest of the way, so let’s hope Jerry Dipoto has what it takes to trade for that.

We’re 4 months into this thing – with 2 more months to go – so forgive me if I’m a little burned out on baseball.  Football can’t get back here soon enough.