By The Numbers: The Greatest Sonics By Jersey Number

Originally Published:  June 24, 2012
Updated:  June 30, 2015

You can check out my list of the greatest Seahawks by jersey number here.  This list was considerably easier to compile, as there just aren’t as many jersey numbers in basketball.  I should note that I omitted certain oddball numbers (like 27, 29, 36, and *shudder* 77 – Vladimir Radmanovic) because they were so uncommon, and because the players who wore those numbers just weren’t very good.

Not that all of the players you’re going to see below were good, but at least they wore numbers that (for the most part) make sense!

As with the Seahawks post, if a player wore more than one number for the Sonics, I picked the number he wore most.  Likewise, I only looked at their Sonics careers when making my decision.

Also, guys listed in parentheses are guys who were in the running for Best Sonic at that particular jersey number.  Or they were just Sonics of note who I wanted to mention because I liked them or I think listing them was funny.

And so, the list:

00 – Benoit Benjamin, Center
1 – Gus Williams, Point Guard
2 – Greg Anthony, Point Guard
3 – Dale Ellis, Shooting Guard
4 – Al Wood, Small Forward (Nick Collison, Sedale Threatt)
5 – Vladimir Stepania, Center
6 – Moochie Norris, Point Guard
7 – Rashard Lewis, Small Forward
8 – Eddie Johnson, Small Forward (Luke Ridnour)
9 – Vitaly Potapenko, Center

10 – Nate McMillan, Point Guard
11 – Detlef Schrempf, Small Forward (Dana Barros)
12 – Art Harris, Guard
13 – Slick Watts, Point Guard
14 – Sam Perkins, Center (Predrag Drobnjak)
15 – Gerald Henderson, Point Guard
16 – Tommy Burleson, Center
17 – Vincent Askew, Guard
18 – Mouhamed Sene, Center
19 – Lenny Wilkens, Point Guard/Head Coach

20 – Gary Payton, Point Guard
21 – Ruben Patterson, Small Forward
22 – Ricky Pierce, Shooting Guard (Flip Murray)
23 – Olden Polynice, Center
24 – Spencer Haywood, Power Forward (Tom Chambers, Dennis Johnson)
25 – Earl Watson, Point Guard

30 – Reggie Evans, Power Forward
31 – Derrick McKey, Small Forward (Brent Barry)
32 – Fred Brown, Shooting Guard
33 – Hersey Hawkins, Shooting Guard (Patrick Ewing)
34 – Ray Allen, Shooting Guard (Xavier McDaniel, Frank Brickowski)
35 – Kevin Durant, Small Forward

40 – Shawn Kemp, Power Forward
41 – Pete Cross, Power Forward
42 – Vin Baker, Power Forward
43 – Jack Sikma, Center
44 – Michael Cage, Center
45 – Bob Rule, Power Forward

50 – Ervin Johnson, Center
51 – Reggie King, Small Forward
52 – Calvin Booth, Center
53 – Alton Lister, Center
54 – Chris Wilcox, Power Forward
55 – Steve Scheffler, Power Forward

Green denotes Retired Jersey Numbers.  It is anticipated that numbers 20 and 40 will be retired, just as soon as Seattle gets the Sonics back.

2 thoughts on “By The Numbers: The Greatest Sonics By Jersey Number

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  2. Love this list. Reminds me of so many good Sonics days. I lived in Seattle (Kent) during the Payton / Kemp supremacy; my parents had season tickets for a few seasons. I saw what ended up being Payton’s last game as a Sonic. I met several Sonics at an event at the EMP just a year or so after that opened. Vin Baker, OO, Payton and more…. Respect #bringbackoursonics

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